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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonfist View Post
    Heck, if I have to, I will bribe the leadership to do it. I really want shields to be useful beyond one hit. Besides, isn't Fancy able to do this aside from Mini? (Assuming Jim is correct.)
    Once I know what else Roker removes from the freak plugin to make it "ours", I'll remove the shield breaking part of the code as well. I'll post an update once it's done. Till then, assume that we're working on it. We'll get to it eventually.

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    The idea of Demoman shields staying is reminiscent of Slag Gaming's Demoman shields. In Slag Gaming, one had to hit Hale 3-4 times with a melee in order to block one single hit without the opportunity to get another block. The idea was that Demomen would risk their life to get their movement speed and health buff while still retaining their shield defenses. Slag Gaming's plugin rewarded brave Demomen with 1 single block for hitting Hale 3-4 times. It was really neat but foreign to me.

    With the addition of these suggested shield stats, Xyro would finally be countered since a Chargin' Targe would soak a lot of damage. Chargin' Targe Demomen could eat a CBS arrow headshot for someone, a miraculous save. Splendid Screen + Claidheamh Mor would be a valid strategy instead of a one-time use shield bash. Overall, it'd change the metagame and allow new opportunities for fresh loadouts!

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