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    Oh yay, another guy who plays TF2 who has nothing better to do than post about how much he hates random crits and how "they should be forever removed from the game blah blah blah radda radda radda".

    But seriously, there should be something keeping the 10x bosses from landing random crits. It's bad enough that a handful of them have stupid, instant kill, unavoidable rages. Rounding a corner towards the start of a round and instantly random crit'd by a boss that'd normally take 3 hits to kill you (playing as warrior's spirit hoovy) is a bigger slap to the face than being the first to die.

    So yeah, the random crit thing is stupid. For all intents and purposes, it's just a dumb way for dumb bosses to get dumb kills. Please consider getting rid of them so they can stop ruining all the fun.


    P.S. If it becomes a problem, maybe give all bosses a straight damage boost (i.e. 200->250,300) to even things out a bit. Consistent, higher damage is better than randomly dying in one shot from an oblivious WM1 boss.

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    Honestly, I agree with this. Switch can tell you about the sheer amount of times I got random crit last night.

    But I do not want the random crits removed, I want them reduced. Fancy mentioned in a previous thread that it was possible to adjust the chance of a random crit, and I think a max of a 20% chance would be more than enough. I've seen several times where the hale random crits 5+ people in a row without any swings in between or even with W+M1 hitting. I get that it's necessary to counter some of the mass health loadouts, but it gets out of hand a lot.
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    Cheech's option isn't a bad idea.

    However, I propose a possible alternative: we remove random crits and increase base damage of Hales that have lack of crowd control, and keep certain Hales at base damage.

    For example, CBS should do higher damage because he picks off singular targets easily, but is subpar at dealing with large amounts of people.
    This is the opposite for Bonk Boy, who should get 195 base damage with no random crits because he gets Uber and 30 stunballs, as well as being faster than most Hales.
    Xyro and NM should also get damage because they are heavily shutdown by many anti-fire measures.

    A list would be like...

    Low Damage:
    Bionic Commando, Skeleton Man, the See Duo, CT, Bonk Boy, Heffe, Predator, Gaben, Ninja Spy, Easter Bunny.
    High Damage:
    Mummy, Beep Man, CBS, Snake, maybe Sam, Radigan, Nightmare Medic, Xyro.

    This would make Health bonus much more viable than ever, but we would also need to tweak some health buffs, like the Warrior's Spirit.
    It would also help set-up loadouts. High-HP loadouts for certain bosses.
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    To be honest a really good buff for CBS would be to just give him a small ammo buff (like 2 arrows) and to make his arrows penetrate players. Maybe just the piercing buff, since that is extremely good although it requires aim. Then again, I think I heard somewhere that his bow can't be changed for some reason, so I guess it'd just be better to go with what everyone else is saying.

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    Just my 2 cents, but here goes:

    1. Remove random crits for hales entirely. At the very most, we buff damage to 320, 55 less than a shovel knight with the battalion's backup (or 5 less than one with a different secondary). This allows for the death of a shovel knight, which are already had to kill, if they have taken essentially any damage at all. It would also allow them to go into a fight without the fear that they will get one-shotted and die with zero damage. Perhaps the only hale that should get this is the mummy, which has historically been the high damage hale. The other hales should cap out at a maximum of 300 for melees.

    2. Bonk boy should not have superior melee. He, as other have pointed out, already has quite a kit to work with as well as attacking considerably faster than any other hale.

    3. No more crit eggs. The Easter Bunny already gets his rage super fast and spews out a ring of death to the spooked players. Those eggs can already kill players very easily, and don't need crits to help them. It's very annoying to get hit by one egg and die at full health, just because RNG decided to make this egg 3x as deadly. Also, can we lower his rage frequency? It seems like every second he gets a new rage.

    4. Give Snake moderate melee damage. This combined with his backstab (lag-stabs happen frequently) ability to one shot players, he should be just fine.
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