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  1. Christmas!
  2. Little Wayne and Gucci Mane
  3. Divisional Competition
  4. Games You'd Like to See rxg Host
  5. What is your most anticipated game of 2013?
  6. What did you think of the Super Bowl?
  7. Would you trade for a Unusual Stove Pipe with Bubbles?
  8. Have you tried Steam on Linux yet?
  9. Have you pre-ordered Bioshock Infinite yet?
  10. What would you like to see from leadership this spring?
  11. How much time do you spend doing rxg stuff each week?
  12. What are you doing for spring break?
  13. Thoughts on the MC Server Revamp
  14. The TF2 Highlander Team
  15. Favorite TV Show
  16. What's Your Favorite Video Game Series?
  17. Pickles
  18. Who won E3?
  19. What are you doing this summer?
  20. Ventrilo or TeamSpeak?
  21. Best Day to Attend Clan Wide Metting
  22. If we hosted a TF2 MGE tournament, would you sign up?
  23. How important is getting a jail server in RXG to you?
  24. Field Trip Week 3: Voting (August 7th)
  25. Field Trip Week 4 Voting
  26. TF2 Players: What should Turbine's respawn time be?
  27. Which TF2 server would you like to see next?
  28. Thoughts on Summer Event Schedule?
  29. PIE OR CAKE?
  30. Favorite Mayhem Map?
  31. Best Time for Sunday TF2 Events
  32. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Server
  33. Discord vs Teamspeak