Reflex Gamers Server and Forum Rules

Welcome to, and thank you for your interest in joining our community! Before you complete your registration, we would like you to review our rules. If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to contact an admin or member of leadership over Steam, via PM on the site or in our Discord server.

Do not swear in excess
We want to create a professional yet relaxed environment for our members. This means that while we allow swearing, we do not allow swearing in excess, nor do we allow any form of vulgarity.

Do not hack
Reflex Gamers does not tolerate any hacking, cheating, or glitching on our servers.

Do not be disrespectful
Our community fosters a competitive playing environment, but this does not mean that you may be disrespectful to others.

No racism, sexism, or ageism
We want everybody to feel comfortable playing on our servers. This means that we do not tolerate discrimination or bigotry in our community.

No excessive drug references
Reflex Gamers asks that nobody excessively talk about drugs, such as marijuana or heroin, regardless of what your personal opinions on the subject may be. We do not mind if they are mentioned in passing, or as a joke.

Do not talk about religion or politics
Reflex Gamers respects the views of everyone, but because of the potentially divisive nature of politics and religion, we ask that nobody discusses them.

No bad sprays or avatars
We do not allow pornographic or nude images, .gifs or otherwise in sprays and avatars. However, girls in bikinis and the alike are fine.

No Spamming
Please do not mic spam, spam the chatbox, or otherwise on our servers, on the forums or in Discord.

No Griefing
Reflex Gamers does not tolerate any griefing that is intended to disrupt the gameplay of those on our servers.

No Advertising
Do not advertise website names, products, etc., or recruit for other clans on our website, servers, or in Discord

No Admin Impersonation
Do not address admin issues unless you are a confirmed, registered admin, and do not pretend to be an admin or member of leadership.

No Admin disrespect
We hold our admins to a very high standard. This means that our admins have the final say on all matters in our servers, must be respected, and thus should not be argued with in game. However, if you truly believe that you are not at fault, and/or that one of our admins has made a mistake, we will allow you to have a respectful conversation about the decision in private, either over Steam chat, or in our Discord server. You may also ask a member of leadership to oversee the conversation.