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Monthly Goal: 40.00
Due Date: May 1
Total Receipts: 5.00
Below Goal 35.00
Site Currency: USD

Thank you for donating* to Reflex Gamers! We truly appreciate you helping us to reach our financial goal for the month. 100% of the money you donate is put back into the community, and helps us pay for our current and future servers, as well as the website.

To receive VIP status (perks) in our Source (TF2/CS:GO) Game Servers, you need to fill in the Steam ID field below. To get your Steam ID, visit http://whatismysteamid.com. If you don't care about these perks right now, you can leave the Steam ID field blank; an admin can always set it for you later. Every $5.00 donated will earn a month of VIP status.

*By giving money to Reflex Gamers you acknowledge that the money you are giving is a charitable donation, and thus that Reflex Gamers is not responsible for compensating you with a product or service for your charitable donation. All "perks" that you receive from donations, either in Minecraft or Source games, are simply a way for Reflex to show that we are grateful to those who are helping to financially support this gaming community.
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