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    Quote Originally Posted by -W3E- Pokeking View Post
    6 melee hits? Yeah, might as well use the Ubersaw instead. Also, I know the pomson got changed recently to fire cow mangler shots, but it's only doing 8-2 damage, which means it's genuinely useless. And the Crit-a-cola/Backscatter combo needs nerfing somehow, as it's getting abused like a punching bag and scouts are one-shotting anyone with less than 215 health at mid range. Perhaps instead it no longer changes mini-crits to full, and instead deals a 2.75x damage bonus to target's backs?
    On the matter of the vita-saw, it doesn't use the organ mechanic on Mayhem, it's purpose is to knock people away. I changed it to that because the change valve did to it completely broke it's old functionality.

    With the backscatter idea, that's a good idea, so I'll edit it's stats.

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    people aren't joining mayhem anymore, especially if the server is empty. I propose 5 methods to fixing this

    1. Sell Mayhem Bonds and use the money to pay people to join
    2. Start the Mayhem Patreon and buy billboards across the non-continental U.S
    3. Petition people to join mayhem in public
    4. Vandalize government property with the server IP
    5. Build Mayhem Embassies in foreign countries
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    I hate instant re-spawn
    1.) When I killed multiple enemies in a rapid succession, I need a moment of rest like refiling ammo or getting health packs.
    2.) If I got killed by an enemy, some respawn time allows me to think what is going on in the game. what killed me. and where are the enemies.
    3.) Instant repawn is pain in the ass if you are on blue team playing payload maps. For example, you killed many players in the red team, you need to push the dam cart, but you can't push it because red has instant respawn time.
    4.) instant respawn is unbalanced in attack&defence, payload. I still want to play the objective.
    Final thought:
    implement 3-5 seconds respawn time. Or change it back to the previous settings.

    You don't have to agree with me. Please leave a comment on how you feel about instant respawn time in x10 mayhem.

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    yeah, i agree with louis
    imo it was better with the skippable mini respawn delay

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    ok, so i know this thread is dead but
    One of the biggest entry barriers of new players in mayhem is the massive skill/effectiveness gap between the veterans and the new. When faced with people of higher skill levels, one of the best strategies is to simply swap to their counter every time they kill you. But players new to the server don't have this option; being forced to use the outdated !list (which I don't think even scrolls in chat anymore) or just brute forcing every weapon.
    What if we had a simple command/system to recommend loadouts to these players. They could just type !suggest heavy or something and the server would spit out a suggested loadout or 2 along with a quick summary.
    For example, "Tomislav - Dalokoh - Warriors Spirit: A fast mobile tank that shreds through close targets".
    Or "FoN - Winger - Necro Smasher: A mobile melee stunner who can line up a perfect meatshot but has to be careful not to hit himself".
    This would help alleviate the skill gap issue and could make mayhem seem a lot more appealing to players new to the server.

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    Haha good idea, but Mayhem is dead and i haven't been able to play on it in months and im literally shaking and crying right now why has god abandoned us god no wh-

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