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    Why arent we updating to the latest version of the FF2 plugin?

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    That would require a full rework of many of the current features of the server. Not to mention I believe Roker is holding the plugin and modifying certain parts to make it "ours", if my old infos are correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Biden View Post
    That would require a full rework of many of the current features of the server. Not to mention I believe Roker is holding the plugin and modifying certain parts to make it "ours", if my old infos are correct.
    Wouldn't updating the plugin also have a very high chance of completely breaking everything?

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    That's why it would require a full rework of many of the current features.

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    I have looked into upgrading our version of Freak Fortress in the past to newer versions. The problem is that our FF2 Plugin is not actually the main FF2 plugin. It is actually a custom modified version of FF2. Roker took the main FF2 Plugin and made changes to it. We have no idea what those changes are or what would happen if we reverted to the core FF2 Plugin.

    I've been talking to Lolleth recently and were debating backing up the entire server, and updating FF2 to see what happens. Worst case scenario we just roll back to our backed up version.

    More info to come on this soon.

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    Edit: Gave Fan of War more damage in exchange for slightly slower swing speed. Modified Spy-Cicle to even out stats. Reduced Razorback to +100 hp on wearer from +125 hp on wearer. Modified Sharpened Volcano Fragment suggestion to underline the constant attack feature of the weapon. Changed up Bonk!

    If the weapons seem too weak/too strong please let me know so I can adjust it. I don't want something insane or useless in my suggestions box, lol.

    You can swing approximately 93.75% faster with non-scout classes, and 56.25% with scout, before the weapon is swinging in the ~0 second intervals. Numbers are courtesy of the TF2 Wiki. 187.5% swing penalty for a full second of swing penalty.

    The Boston Basher
    300% damage bonus
    On hit: ignite target
    On hit: target bleeds for 25 seconds
    400% afterburn damage bonus

    -40% slower firing speed
    Why: This weapon is not very good for DPS or survivability currently, so I figured maybe giving it a burn would do it some favors. Same as Shiv for sniper except it swings 2% slower. Scout does not get as many health kits but has a mobility factor, so that 2% slower swing speed is nothing in practice.
    On hit: ignite target
    Criticals on burning targets
    210% damage bonus
    890% afterburn damage bonus
    -550% slower firing speed
    Why: Serves as a one stop shop where the scout has to hit the hale and get out, or he dies. Unique to the scout. If my math is right, this does 410 damage on initial swing, then 100 damage on afterburn. Afterburn with no bonus time lasts 10 seconds, so a full hit including the wait-out period would do 1410 damage.

    The Huntsman/Fortified Compound
    200% increased primary ammo
    25% faster reload speed
    +50 health on wearer
    500% damage bonus

    No movement speed penalty while charging
    -50% taunt speed on wearer
    Why: You would be able to pull back the arrow and hit hale without your movement speed being penalized. Not to mention, the Machina is hitscan and does 8 damage more than it does now. On bodyshot.

    The Cow Mangler
    150% projectile speed bonus
    95% faster reload speed
    Moves at normal speed when charging
    100% critical hits vs burning players
    -30% damage from rocket jumps
    Why: Only good for rocket jumping anyways, really only seen it used for that purpose so this would probably benefit it greatly for that purpose. Many soldiers would agree on this, especially soldier MG mains.

    Soda Popper
    +80% faster firing speed
    +200% max primary ammo
    +400% clip size
    +40% damage bonus
    100% critical hits
    -75% slower reload speed
    Why: Very powerful weapon. Could use a tone down, perhaps a more burst-like weapon would match the description.

    The Neon Annihilator
    +800% melee range
    On hit: give player speed bonus
    On hit: drop a health pack
    -65% damage bonus
    -40% slower firing speed
    -15% movement speed while active
    Why: Another method for pyros to help out the team.

    Bonk! Atomic Punch
    +15% increased recharge rate
    -35% taunt speed
    Why: Potent escape weapon. Seems like something that the critacola has would work well on the weapon.

    Sharpened Volcano Fragment
    On hit: ignite target
    On hit: gain a speed boost
    70% faster firing speed
    3000% damage bonus vs burning players

    95% damage penalty
    -95% afterburn damage
    -90% afterburn duration
    Why: Would give it a spammy axtinguisher feel. Does not do a ton of DPS currently and this change requires constant attack to maintain DPS. Would do 293 a swing while target is on fire and 10 otherwise.

    Fan of War
    When weapon is active:
    Removes 5% rage on hit
    40% damage penalty
    -50% slower firing speed

    Why: Unused and very penalizing for such a small amount of rage removal. Perhaps this would make it used more?

    50% max primary ammo bonus
    50% greater jump height when active
    Wearer never takes falling damage

    Why: Exchanged weapon buffs for something to make the weapon more overall useful, especially compared to the Pretty Boy's, an already offered supplement.

    30% fire damage resistance
    30% explosive damage resistance
    Why: Never used otherwise, passive effects may make the weapon worth while especially since even active effects are not so helpful. Removed fireproofing in hopes of stopping abuse.

    The Pain Train
    20% faster movement speed on wearer
    75% increased secondary ammo
    30% damage reduction from blast jumps
    20% faster switch speed

    100% primary ammo penalty
    Why: Was originally attempted to be buffed for damage use. Was eventually repurposed as a supplement- this is just accepting that fact and removing the other bonuses in exchange for slight supplementary bonuses

    Baby Face's Blaster
    On hit: gain boost
    Movement speed increases with boost
    +30 health per hit
    +20 max health on wearer
    175% damage bonus
    125% bonus pellets per shot
    100% critical hit resistance on wearer

    50% damage vulnerability on wearer
    70% less accurate
    15 health drained per second on wearer
    Why: Compensation for now being instant kill. Will increase damage from afar and medium range.

    The Gunslinger
    +150 health on wearer
    55% faster sentry firing speed
    90% building health penalty
    +40% sentry damage bonus

    +100% damage to self
    Why: Sentry does 9 damage without minicrits and does 18 with minicrits. Not very useable compared to other sentries that have 5x the damage and much more significant knockback. Health is not very useful if the player cannot deal decent damage or escape quickly (100% damage to self.) With this increase it will do 13 without minicrits and 26 with minicrits, making it much more usable since alternatives will have comparable damage at that point.

    The Razorback
    30% fire damage resistance
    30% explosive damage resistance
    30% bullet damage resistance
    30% critical damage resistance
    15 health regenerated per second on wearer
    +100 health on wearer
    Wearer never takes falling damage
    -95% primary ammo
    Why: Endorse as a melee supplement over use with primary weapons. That is the purpose and difference between this and the Cozy Camper.

    The Ambassador
    1200% damage bonus
    150% increased secondary ammo

    100% damage penalty on bodyshots
    90% clip size penalty

    Why: Sapper is the standard ammo size and having 7 bullets total with the ambassador makes it a no-go especially since only 50% of the hales have heads anyways. Also to not have 7 bullets you sacrifice 15% movement speed with the Red Tape Recorder, which makes it even more of a no-go. It sucks when you're a spy and trying to use ambassador with red tape and then hale ends up not having a headshot hitbox.
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