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    2/10/18 Changes

    The Direct Hit

    Self push force reduction changed from 100% -> 50%
    Damage to self decrease changed from 100% -> 75%

    The Cow Mangler
    Added fire rate increase at 25%

    The Grenade launcher

    Added random projectile deviation at 3 degrees
    Clip size bonus changed from 200% -> 300%

    The Loch N Load
    Damage bonus changed from 400% -> 1000%
    Clip size reduction changed from 25% -> 75%

    The Dead Ringer
    Cloak regen rate penalty changed from 50% -> 5%
    Cloak drain increase changed from 75% -> 0%

    The Invisibility watch
    Added maximum health penalty at 60
    Cloak time penalty changed from 2 seconds -> 0 seconds

    The Diamondback
    Added rocket jump damage reduction at 90%
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    2/15/18 Changes


    Please give a warm welcome to our newest Freak Fortress Advisor, ParaDLell! Para will be helping me in updating the server due to school issues taking most of my time. We're excited to all work together!

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    The Diamondback
    Removed Reload Speed penalty
    Removed Firing Speed penalty
    Increased Self damage from 100% to
    Added projectile speed penalty at

    The Enforcer
    Crits now suffer damage falloff

    The Ambassador
    No longer is a head-shot only weapon
    Also fixed stats on the Festive Version
    Suffers falloff damage

    Holiday Punch
    Removed force laugh effect
    Removed no crit damage
    Added 1000 Z Velocity
    Added Hit self on miss, idiot
    50% slower move speed while weapon is drawn
    Slower firing rate (5 seconds)

    Bat Outta Hell
    Now that's what I call using your noggin
    Increased knockback
    200% damage bonus

    Stock Flamethrower
    Can no longer airblast the hale

    20% primary ammo reduction

    20% primary ammo increase
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    Air Strike

    100% penalty to air control

    Crits become Minicrits

    Holiday Punch
    Hit Height decreased by 40%

    Killing Gloves of Boxing
    Removed 10% speed buff

    Increased damage bonus from 1200% to 1300%
    Added 100% slower fire rate

    Stock Revolver
    Removed accuracy bonus

    Counter Terrorist
    Rage now spawns snipers at spawn locations
    RELOAD spawns snipers at Hale location
    ATTACK3 Spawns the Big Kill, drains rage over time.

    Spawn with an AWPer hand
    250 hp

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    Skin/Festive support
    Removed 50hp/s regen
    Fixed rocket-jumping with soldiers, self healing when ubbered

    Liberty Launcher
    Reduced Self damage increase from 50% to 25%
    Removed no fall damage

    Added new map

    Escape Plan

    Added 50% slower holster speed

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    The True and Best stats of a rabbit.

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    Flame Thrower
    Airblast time reduced by 75%
    Reflected Projectiles become ammo

    Robo Demo Knight
    Minions spawn on rage and on hold R
    Minions have higher jump height
    Hale no longer has higher jump height
    Hale now has Dynamic Super Jump and Weighdown

    Easter Bunny
    Music added
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    Skin Support added for various weapons

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    New Skin support:
    The Warbird CollectionThe Pyroland Collection
    The Gentlemanne's Collection
    The Harvest Collection
    Jungle Inferno Skins

    Now uses proper projectile model

    BASE Jumper+100% air turning control

    Added 3 seconds of bleed
    Ignores damage resistance effects (Such as beepman and certain hale rages)

    Ammo reduction increased from 20% -> 50%

    Loch n Load
    Projectiles now shatter on surface
    Reload time increased to 50%
    Firing speed bonus reduced from 65% to 45%

    Soda Popper
    Build hype on damage introduced again
    Suffers from damage falloff

    Hot Hand
    Slaps provide speed boost
    100% damage increase
    Minor knockback
    Mild Afterburn

    Crusaders Crossbow
    Crusader crossbow projectile travels 10% slower

    Stock Rocket Launcher
    100% primary ammo bonus
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    Sun on a Stick
    Your head is back!
    Ignite players on hit

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    Players being healed gain crits
    Removed health bonus
    Removed overheal bonus
    Removed 5hp regen per second
    Removed Overheal
    Heal rate penalty increased from 25%->50%
    Ubercharge rate reduced from 100% -> 25%

    Brass Beast
    Build rage by dealing damage. After dealing
    about 2500 damage to the hale, press Special Attack
    to activate massive Knockback

    Axtinguisher + Postal Pumbler stats fixed

    When cloaked as a spy gain a slight speed boost and jump height increase
    Following this, many items have had their passive speed buffs removed, such as the sapper and YER.
    Decloak time also increased by 1 second
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