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    The Huntsman/Fortified Compound

    200% increased primary ammo
    35% faster reload speed
    +50 health on wearer
    500% damage bonus
    -50% taunt speed on wearer
    Why: Would do more DPS given more chances to attack. Not to mention the Machina is hitscan and does 8 damage more than it does now, and is much easier to shoot and nowhere near as risky.

    The Frontier Justice
    40% faster firing speed
    50% more accurate
    100% crits while sentry is targeting the boss
    +350% damage to sentry target

    -100% sentry damage bonus
    -90% build health penalty
    -25% sentry range
    Why: Widowmaker offers so much in terms of supplements, and now includes the damage bonus to sentry target. With this suggestion, the Frontier Justice wil serve as a effort => reward weapon even more so than it does now in order to really highlight the difference between this weapon and the widowmaker, and to make it overall more useful vs. other provided primaries for engineer, such as the Pomson and the Widowmaker. I spoke with multiple players on the server and outside the server and they all seemed to like the idea, so it might be worth a test.

    Baby Face's Blaster
    Fire rate increases as health decreases

    +50% damage bonus
    100% critical resistance on wearer

    +50% melee vulnerability on wearer
    No double jump
    No fall damage on wearer
    Why: After a few weeks of hiatus from RXG and a few weeks browsing various other VSH servers, I've found that speed is something that should be given cautiously. I've saw varying levels of balance on each server, from insanely biased towards players, to insanely biased towards hale, and the servers that find the balance in-between are very cautious about giving speed. After a few days of thought and retrospect to how much this weapon is complained about from every aspect I've decided maybe speed is not the way to go with this weapon. I've considered all aspects of this weapon and looked at how other servers went about balancing this weapon, and it looks like maybe this is the most balanced way of handling the weapon. With crits, this weapon would do 473 point blank, and 156 without. If used correctly, the weapon could get stacked hits against hale which would add up pretty quickly. EDIT: removed max health penalty in exchange for additional melee vulnerability, nope pointed out that the weapon didn't perform well on high health anyways. Added honorbound so the weapon could safely exchange health


    50% max primary ammo bonus
    50% greater jump height when active
    Wearer never takes falling damage

    Why: Exchanged weapon buffs for something to make the weapon more overall useful.

    The Razorback
    30% fire damage resistance
    30% explosive damage resistance
    30% bullet damage resistance
    30% critical damage resistance
    15 health regenerated per second on wearer
    +100 health on wearer
    Wearer never takes falling damage
    -95% primary ammo
    Why: Just endorsement as a melee supplement.

    500% heal rate bonus
    100% ubercharge rate bonus
    +50 health on wearer
    50 health regenerated per second on wearer
    Wearer never takes falling damage
    75% critical damage resistance on wearer

    Why: This particular medigun seems underused compared to other mediguns, and for good reason. Since it lost its ability to heal the healer presumably because of a bug, I have seen it used less and less. Vaccinator offers a health bonus & speed vs this medigun, which may seem like nothing considering it has the health regeneration, but it does make a huge difference. I think giving it a 50 health bonus will make up the difference in this medigun that has been buffed already for its loss in self-heal. Personally I think just a 50 health bonus would make this weapon a much more significant portion of everyone's arsenal.


    The Neon Annihilator

    +800% melee range
    On hit: drop a health pack
    -100% slower firing speed
    -99% damage penalty

    Why: Another method for pyros to help out the team.

    Sharpened Volcano Fragment

    On hit: ignite target
    On hit: gain a speed boost
    70% faster firing speed
    50% damage bonus vs. burning players

    -100% afterburn damage
    -90% afterburn duration
    Why: Does not do a ton of DPS currently. Would do 293 a swing while target is on fire and 195 otherwise.

    Fan of War
    When weapon is active:
    Removes 15% rage on hit
    +1800% damage bonus
    -800% slower firing speed
    On miss: hit yourself, idiot
    Why: Scout threat, can be used very wisely in defensive situations. Requires the scout to guarantee he's not gonna screw up with his hit. Theoretically the 1800% damage bonus makes the weapon do 468 a swing, but if it actually makes it do 3510 it can be reworked to fix.

    Changed to match Big Earner
    Why: Changing the weapon to big earner would make it more useful, considering its current stats are not very good and tankiness for spy is only an exception for Kunai.

    The Pain Train
    20% faster movement speed on wearer
    75% increased secondary ammo
    30% damage reduction from blast jumps
    20% faster switch speed

    100% primary ammo penalty
    Why: Just endorsement as a supplement.

    The Market Gardener
    50% faster weapon switch speed
    1000% damage bonus
    critical hits while rocket jumping
    35% increased range
    100% increased air contol
    25 health on hit
    100% increased health from health packs

    25% health from healers reduction
    100% slower firing speed
    Why: Health from healers reduction was put in place to counter MGKnights, which have gotten severly nerfed by the damage nerf. Reducing the health from healers would help out actual MGers, while not really affecting MGKnights, a rarity (because they're not good compared to shovelknights anymore). Basically what I'm saying is that it doesn't seem to be necessary anymore.

    The Kukri
    100% increased jump height when active
    150% melee damage vulnerability
    Why: Extremely detrimental for something undeserving of such detriment. Makes snipers a sitting target for CT minions and any other ranged boss since EVERYTHING does double damage. With this melee will do even more, but everything else will do less.

    The Eyelander
    200% damage bonus
    +100% critical resistance on wearer
    +25% ranged damage resistance on wearer
    +25 health on hit
    -100% primary ammo on wearer
    -100% secondary ammo on wearer
    -100% health from healers
    -75% health from packs
    Why: Such a big change to the weapon should suffice a REALLY big reason why it should be made like so. The eyelander is generally a demoknighting weapon with little purpose for anything else, since the bottle offers immediate 20% health bonus and easy knockback when hale approaches you if you're not being a demoknight and just wanna run a primary or secondary loadout (in which case you would use the pain train.) Ever since those changes I really haven't use the eyelander nor have I saw any other players who use the demo enough to know the loadouts and their ins and outs. The only time I would consider using the eyelander would be when I demoknight, which rarely occurs unless I'm using the scotsman's skullcutter (for massive damage with less risk time (1950 damage accumulates much faster than 585 does per hit, which means you need less exposure time to hale to rack up damage, which means he has less time to hit you before you've already got 3900 or 5850 or more damage.)) or I'm using the persian persuader for quick bashes which do 3550 a bash, much more than 585 a swing does. Sometimes, I'll even use the bottle for the annoying knockback and the constant harrassment. I have used the eyelander as well, with less success as it swings normally, does just 585 damage, gives heads which do not matter because you'll still be instantly critted resulting in death regardless if you have 0 heads or 6 heads. Yes, there is more to be said there, but it doesn't seem necessary because hopefully you see where I'm going with this. With this change, the eyelander would do 585 still, restore 25 health per swing+heads and the health that it already gives because of the heads, which would total to about 65? Regardless, you still take 195 (depending on the hale) damage and swing at default speed and move slow until you get those heads, and are very much still vulnerable to goomba stomps, ranged weapons, or simply just being outplayed. BUT, you can survive hits and can come in for attacks as needed without worrying about your primary or secondaries and hopefully being able to rack up more damage than before, making the eyelander a better demoknighting alternative than it was before, since of course it does not seem as useful as other offered melees for other purposes. Now, there is an alternative buff that I thought of but thought it might look too powerful, although in play doesn't seem to be too overtly powerful. It has kinda the same premise, except you really can't build up health on your own and need to be very careful. Think tank heavy but melee with less health sources instead.
    200% damage bonus
    +75% critical hit resistance on wearer
    +25% melee damage resistance on wearer
    +50% ranged damage resistance on wearer

    -100% health from healers
    -100% primary ammo on wearer
    -100% secondary ammo on wearer
    -100% health from packs
    (if possible, add item attribute 236 -mod weapon blocks healing so the demo can't even be beamed by medics)


    Nightmare Medic
    Change/Add as a theme.
    Why: Would give Nightmare Medic less of a mega-aggressive feel and more of a psychological feel. Was playing Silent Hill 2 and as SOON as I heard this, I thought Nightmare Medic.

    F2P Duo
    Reduce shots given per rage by 3 for both bosses
    Why: Haven't saw this duo lose once and their ranged weapons seem incredibly good.

    Count Heavnich

    Minion movement speed penalty at -30%
    Minion critical resistance changed from 90%=>95%
    Minion health bonus changed from 1200=>2200
    Minion health regeneration changed from 100=>35
    Why: Way too much area control, minions already take no damage. Will make them not so mobile for the tankiness. Everyone on was complaining about it and it has been annoying for a long while especially on small maps where they can literally control entire sections of the map by holding off pathways. Given slightly more critical resistance to compensate and made them more of a tank in an encounter but much less health regen so they're not quite capable of persistence.

    Counter Terrorist
    Minion damage bonus reduced from 200% to 100%
    Why: I don't even need to explain this one. Minions that have resistances that also stack with your secondary's passive effects get triple damage? Oh and end round crits. That too.

    75th revision.
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    hey the backburner doesn't have the speed boost on hit anymore

    pls fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimOfRicefields View Post
    hey the backburner doesn't have the speed boost on hit anymore

    pls fix
    it was dum

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    Why did you change the Enforcer? The damage is literally the same... Did you want more consistent damage or something?
    More knockback maybe??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonfist View Post
    Why did you change the Enforcer? The damage is literally the same... Did you want more consistent damage or something?
    More knockback maybe??
    more bullets = harder to hit them all i.e. you have to be a bit closer to actually deal full damage

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    make liberty launcher shoot faster.

    it slow

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    So what's going to happen to this server post update? Is it going to be rebuilt or is it just going to be left dead?
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    Why would it be left dead after an update to the game???

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    Aside from this being a valve game, where either people go crazy or they stop caring completely when an update drops, I don't know.
    It should be business as usual in Freak, though Lolleth might have to disable the new weapons until we can balance them.

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    The update is going to break the plugin. That's basically a given. Hence why I'm asking. It's not a random question or a jab.
    In the end, the Duck Hunt Dog always gets the last laugh... whether or not you shot the damn duck.

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