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    So, I've noticed that most stickied threads end up locked and unstickied if they become irrelevant or unused, and others just never get replied to and slide pages into the forums.

    Is there a way as a user to delete a thread you've made, lock a thread you've made, or anything along those lines? I figured this would be a pretty useful feature for users if they're looking to delete an irrelevant thread or perhaps something they regret posting.

    Additionally, why don't you just delete unused threads or archive them in a seperate part of the forums so they don't clutter up along with relevant threads?

    I also noticed that when you move threads, it still takes up the spot it was designated to prior to being moved, and also wondered why you didn't just clear the thread as well.

    I've been meaning to ask this question for a while now but I was unsure what the response would be, because I figured you all had a system in place that had already questioned these ideas.

    Did not think this was something that only leadership had to see so I posted it here so everyone could input.

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    It's been a while since I have been active here and even longer since I have been in a leadership position, but I will attempt to answer these questions for you regardless. I also realize that I am about two weeks late to this thread. Current leadership members: if something I have said here is incorrect or out of date, please update accordingly.

    As far as I know, there is no way for a user to delete a thread. I'm sure there is a way that it could be set up, but it is not right now and never really crossed our minds when founding the community. The only ones with the ability to do this would be forum moderators and admins, which usually only Leadership has (Advisors and up).

    In the past, the original Founders had been in communities that had some questionable things going on. When founding RXG, it was our intention to be as transparent as possible. Deleting old threads isn't something that I considered, and isn't something that I would want to do unless absolutely necessary. If a thread is old and no one replies to it, it eventually just gets pushed down and onto later pages, which is good enough for most users.

    There is a forum where Leadership can move particular threads so they are out of public view, but this is usually reserved for spam threads if they are not deleted (this could be for many reasons, such as complaints about the community. While we encourage criticisms and complaints, they are not always posted in the forum that we request them to be). Additionally, everyone that has access to those forums and can move threads may not know what is and isn't visible. If you can see everything due to your permissions, then you don't know what other permission groups can see. It is possible on vBulletin to view the forums as if you were in another user groups (Must have administrator privileges i.e. Director level), but this honestly probably slips everyone's mind at some point.

    If there is a thread that you've posted that you want removed or deleted, feel free to let a member of leadership know or post in the Help Desk forum. You can also edit your post and remove all the text if necessary. It may just take a little while for someone to get to your request.

    I hope this helped answer some of your questions. If you have anymore, feel free to PM me. I can't promise a speedy reply but I will get back to you eventually.

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