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    1. In-game name: Bingo Flamingo
    2. Real name: Michael St. Pierre
    3. Age: Seventeen (eighteen on May 14th )
    4. What division of rxg are you joining: TF2
    5. Have you linked your Steam account to your forum account: Yes
    6. Who asked you to join: Ricedude
    7. A little about you:
    - I am a dedicated TF2 player, i'm not all that and a bag of chips but i'm a very versatile and supporting player.
    - I am an avid beekeeper and i enjoy spending time outside.
    - I am a pretty well rounded player but Medic is one of my strong suits.
    - I am a dedicated team player and I always put the well being of my team over my own.
    - I have an extremely pristine vocabulary so I never swear and when an enemy kills me I compliment them on their skills and tactics instead of being aggrivated and full of anger and rage.

    In my last application there were some issues with my maturity level and i have taken those things to heart, I may have fun a little differently than others in ways that may not be considered "appropriate for my age" but when it is time to man up and be a mature adult then I can immediately switch gears. There were also some issues with my "aggression towards other players" and the only time that would happen is when I am playing a game mode where it is player aggressively kills another enemy player. There was a misunderstanding with the whole "you belittle other players by calling them diminishing names", I can assure you that I am one of the most kind hearted and empathetic people you may ever meet, I call people "pal" and "friend" not to lessen their worth but to show them that I am an approchable and kind person who only wants to show my affection towards the other players.

    I know this whole spiel is kind of long and may be a little repetetive at times but I just wanted to show you that there were some misunderstandings and I have bettered myself in the categories that denied my acceptance to this community. I in no way mean for this to have a tone of "you were wrong" or anything like that, I just wanted to let you see some things from my point of view and how I have overcame most, if not all, of my shortcomings.

    Thank you for your consideration and I hope to be able to give my all in the rxg community.
    Dear God Please Say Yes, I'm A Good Boy
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    Application is on hold pending review by leadership, we appreciate your patience.

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    As we discussed in PMs, you may reapply on or after 6/5/2018. Any applications you submit before that will not be considered.

    "Do or do not, there is no try." -Master Yoda

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