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    The Soda Popper
    Damage bonus changed from 175% -> 200%

    Bonk Atomic Punch
    Added ammo regen per 5 seconds at 15%
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    1/31/2019 Been a while eh?

    New [old] Hale:
    Megaman - Probably one of the more unique hale set ups.
    Dynamic Jump/Weigh Down
    Immune to sniper glow [prevents weirdness from happening]
    Primary weapon is the megabuster, which can fire 3 custom projectiles or be charged up to fire a single, stronger projectile.

    Rage: Doesn't have one, gains adapter points by taking damage. Press R to cycle between the Megabuster and Adapter mode. Adapter mode abilities are as follows:
    Sonic Dash - Dash into an enemy for significant damage, or use as a quick escape. [25% cost]
    Gem Seeker - Hold FIRE for an uber shield (maximum of 5 seconds, deals damage to players that get to close (18/tick) ), release to fire 5 projectiles around you. [30% cost]
    Slow Down - Deals low damage (about 12) and slows all enemy movement by 40% for 5 seconds [40% cost]
    Energy Wave - Fires an energy shots followed by 2 projectiles that move in a wave pattern. Roughly 70 damage per projectile. [20% cost]
    Air Buster - Hard to use but... Hold to fire projectile, release to send it flying upwards. Will self detonate if near a target that's airborn, or after a couple of seconds. [10% cost]
    Lob Grenade - Fires a Loose Cannon type of projectile. 80 damage per projectile. [15% cost]

    And yes, projectiles are missing textures, I'm aware.

    The True and Best stats of a rabbit.

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    New Hales

    Samus Aran-
    Is a replacement for Megaman, abilities are [surprise] same as megaman, but not missing textures so hooray
    -Lunges into enemies
    -Hold down the fire button to do toxic damage around her, after letting it go, throws out some projectiles
    -Slows down enemies and damages them
    -Shoots out 3 projectiles at once
    -Shoots out a projectile, that after a short while flies into the air
    -Shoots out a cannonball projectile

    Robbie Rotten- The meme still lives
    He has AMS (Ability Management System (Basically you can choose whatever RAGE you wanna activate (Switching by pressing RELOAD))):
    -Summons Minions
    -Disguises himself
    -Gains Entangle Skills (Right Click button to use them, 2 charges)
    -Uses a Dead Ringer

    Kriby- Poyo!
    Press R to suck people in, and Press R again to spit them out
    Rage: Gain a different ability depending on what class is closest [Text will appear on screen telling you what ability you got]
    ~If Scout: Gains a massive speedboost
    ~If Soldier: Gets a Rocket skill, press the Middle Mouse button to shoot out a rocket
    ~If Pyro: Gets a Fire Skill, hit any enemy next to set them on fire
    ~If Demoman: Gains a Charge skill, press the Middle Mouse button to charge forward, hitting anyone while under this effect will instantly kill them
    ~If Heavy: Gets the Strength Powerup
    ~If Engineer: Gets a Construction and Destruction PDA, also gets Metal
    ~If Medic: Heals himself by 5%
    ~If Sniper: Covers everyone around him in Jarate
    ~If Spy: Gains Invisibility

    The True and Best stats of a rabbit.

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