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    Scorch shot reduced from 4 shots to 3
    Scorch shot ignites all players, even pyros

    Removed warebloom_rxg (The orignal warebloom is still in rotation)
    Added warehouse_rxg


    Dead Ringer
    Cloak regen increased from -95% to -90%
    Cloak from ammo boxes increased from +1% to +5%

    Vac medigun
    Restored fire-resistance shield

    Sticky Launcher
    Increased deployable stickies from 2 -> 4
    Increased clip size from 1->2
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    Beepman [TESTING]

    Attempting to assign his entangle to the AMS. Right now it is activated with E and costs 15 rage. Use right-click/Alt-Fire to entangle people. Charges stack.

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    Entangle: Now placed into the Ability Management System. Use R to spend 15 rage to gain 3 entangle charges. Use Alt-Fire/Right-Click to entangle people.

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    Jump Height while active increased by 100% [Moved from the Short Circuit]

    Short Circuit
    Removed metal bonus increase
    Removed Jump height [See Wrangler]
    Damage bonus increased from 0% -> 100%
    Added Damage is returned as Metal
    Projectile range is halved [TESTING]

    Following the TF2 update the the Short Circuit, it is being moved from a Utility weapon into an Offensive weapon, expect more balancing to it in the future.

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    The Wrangler
    Rocket jump damage reduction changed from
    100% -> 80%
    Added sentry firing speed reduction when active at

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    Counter Terrorist
    Rage Summon: Now spawns at a 1:1 ratio based on living players [10 players alive, summon 10 minions].
    Charge Summon: Summon minions at a 1:2 ratio [10 players alive, summon 5 minions], and costs 25% rage. Charge time has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds, cooldown reduced from 15 seconds to 10. Minion protection reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.
    When CT dies so do all summoned minions.

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    Minions Summoned by Rage should spawn with enhanced shields every time but do not have the jump height bonus
    Minions Summoned by Charge should still have the jump height bonus but not shields
    Charge rage minion count increased from a flat 3 to 1:2 ratio, cost increased from 15% rage to 25%
    Minions should be slain when RoboDemoKnight dies

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    Christian Brutal Sniper
    Stun radius reduced from 500HU to 250HU

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    Baby Face's Blaster:
    Removed gain health on hit
    Removed +20 health increase
    Removed -15 health a second
    Added Drain Max Health

    The health drain on the Baby Face pretty much relegated it to the unused position, as the speed boost it offered paled in the light of constantly fighting against death. Now scouts using it will still be at risk, but they won't be dying before the gates first open and should open up some better pistol/melee scout combos.

    Removed -15 health a second
    Added Drain Max Health

    The -15 on the atomizer didn't really come into play when switching to it as most scouts only had it out for a couple of seconds at most. Now when a scout switches to the atomizer they'll lose 20 max hp until they only have 100hp, making using the Atomizer a riskier choice.

    Direct hit
    Removed minicrits become crits
    Removed airshots minicrit
    Added: A plugin that does both of the above

    Allowed soldiers to use the AMP built by engineers to score easy damage, The plugin should now makes it so crits are scored after hitting the enemy into the air, not just from minicrit buffs provided by any source.
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    Global Hale Update
    Changed all hales to use Dynamic Weigh Down [The better weigh down]

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