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    Quote Originally Posted by JimOfRicefields View Post
    just a damage boost, but slower firing speed, while keeping the health boost seems alright
    Then all you need are a whole bunch of Hit and Run Steak Claws Heavies and you got yourself something akin to a "Fat Scout Knight"

    I like it. Lets do it.

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    I'd like to see a more close balance between the shanhanshah, scotsman, and other significant damage melees.

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    tbh we could just buff the fire rate on the shah. could we buff the fire and bleed on the shiv up to crit damage like the manmelter? it only cando much when you consider the fact that so many hales can get immunity to fire and bleed. maybe lower the duration if you think it might be too strong.

    for the scots, we should just set it back to stock fire rate

    backscratcher is alright, third degree needs to swing faster

    bear claws is the previous suggestion of more damage but swing slower

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    As a big user of the 3rd degree, it either needs a faster swing speed, or better yet, higher damage. The 3rd degree is more of a hit and run/ harrier style weapon. Hit, run away. Hit. Run away. i feel like it would be a near clone of the stock shovel if we gave it a faster swing speed.

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    I'd rather make melees more unique to fit a niche role within the loadout of a class, than making them all homogeneous "high risk, high reward" damage dealing weapons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fancy View Post
    I'd rather make melees more unique to fit a niche role within the loadout of a class, rather than making them all homogeneous "high risk, high reward" damage dealing weapons.
    Then make the Third Degree Pyro's Magical Jumping Axe, aka a 50% more jump height when active and more jumps. Adjust jumps as necessary. It would help Pyro reach places that would take a more dedicated secondary to do, something that regular Flare Gun Pyros can't do. It would be a big choice to either use it or the Powerjack to keep Pyro alive, and would entice choice. "Do I want to have the speed to run for health if need be, or do I want the extra jumps to force Hale to use their super jump to get to me or struggle hitting me?"

    Overall, make the Third Degree the Bouncy Axe.

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    Third degree could give a 5 second speed boost on hit. Similar to the boost from the whip. This does not mean remove the speed on active though.

    Can we make it so if you get a second hit with the shiv(when the status effects are added) there is a high damage explosion with a bit of knockback. Lower its damage so that you have to follow up or have team help in order to get the high damage. Would have to give the 100% self damage resistance. I think it would separate it from other weapons.

    We can give the warriors spirit health regen on hit as it is in stock tf2(100 or 75 per hit?).

    Scotts is fine.

    I do think the Ambassador needs to do ~950 to be worth using.

    Smg needs the damage back down to 14, but the accuracy is fine. Currently it's just too much between the damage AND the knockback.
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    Can something be done for the Righteous Bison? I hardly see anyone use it, and trying to use it is just bad. I was thinking like an on equip speed buff and additional damage would make it valuable, but anything would make it better.

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    I just wanna say that the pyro's primaries could use a change; the degreaser is the only really good primary, and that's just for the passive stats. You could say that phlog is really good, but any smart hale will just walk away from a pyro when he activates crits. I feel like a really cool change would be to make the backburner an actual good flamethrower instead of having it add like 100 hp. A slight damage buff compared to stock would be great, and maybe something like 500 ammo because pyro uses that stuff insanely quickly. I just want something done to stock/backburner to actually make playing regular pyro viable.

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    regular pyro will never ever have solid primaries that have airblast. Last time that was the case, there was just infinite airblasting and hales couldn't really play.

    so "regular" pyro is not going to be a thing. too much airblast = no fun

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