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    While I enjoy the concept of these weapons, using them in combination is so fucking annoying, because it creates a no win situation. By utilizing the second weapon slot, the heavy can negate the weapon switch pentalty on the FoS and warm up the HLH to kill anyone in melee range.

    +50-100% switch time to HLH
    +25-50% spinup time to HLH
    +100% melee damage to HLH when active (for those daring, a bit of a fun one, doesn't need to be included)
    +50% damage to HLH (it currently is +100%, but because of it's insane close damage and resistances, it doesn't need to be doing TONS of damage.)

    =Marked for death for short time after switching off of FoS
    -Wearer can't capture points/payload(while equipped) or carry intelligence.

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    Forge is referring to one or two users who are abusing the FoS mechanic of slow weapon switch by scrolling through the secondary to get to the primary weapon, negating the weapon switch penalty it provides. This has the unfortunate effect, specifically with the HLH, with being super overpowered by being invincible at ranged, but being able to quickly roast any melee coming your way.

    I think a 100% switch to the HLH would be good for that, considering it already has an insta kill ring of fire.

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    yeah I have seen this done a number of times and with the set up it is very hard to get in and deal with the heavy when he can just quickly switch between the two. the idea forge has set in sounds good and will make who ever is doing it think twice about fast switching
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    I gotta admit it's incredibly annoying to play against this loadout and just to much of a pain to deal with, especially if Rob is the one using it.

    I like your suggestions but I worry that this might be nerfing it a bit too hard. We don't want to make it unusable. I think using all of your suggestions would be too much, but using parts of them would be good.

    I'll see what Google thinks and we'll work on implementing some changes.

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    This thread should be called, "Rob is a cock and we are going to stop that"

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    Attribute 199 might help, just make it a negative value.

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    Always fun to see someone exploit legal mechanics to gain advantage. Thats how metas are made after all.

    Since the weapon switch penalty is being avoided adding a marked for death debuff switching off FOS should help. It would force people to commit to the FOS when using it, while not punishing players who run dedicated FOS playstyles.

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