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    Hey everyone. I figured it was about time to revive this debate, given the recent pickup in vaccinator use on mayhem.

    I've been playing on rxg servers for close to 2 years now, and have racked up over 1,000 hours in Mayhem. I've seen quite a few stat changes, and understand the desire to "keep the server fun". So, with all that said, let's have a discussion about the vaccinator.

    The current stats for Mayhem's vaccinator are as follows:

    +400% UberCharge rate
    +50% max overheal
    +50% heal rate
    Build energy by healing teammates. When fully charged, press the Special-Attack key to deploy a frontal projectile shield.
    +-35% damage from melee sources while active

    The basic idea of this weapon is understandable. It's designed to provide resistances, and it does that job very well. As we're all painfully aware, spam is a way of life on Mayhem, and medics need a way to safeguard against this. I don't think any reasonable person can argue with it's stats in this regard. I also really like the increased damage from melee. The problem is this:
    When fully charged, press the Special-Attack key to deploy a frontal projectile shield. <---- Fuck this. Fuck it so hard.

    I think the part of this weapon that some of us forget about is the fact that the projectile shield can also do damage to other players, and a stupid amount of damage at that. Again, it's worth noting that I have no qualms with the projectile shield being implemented, but it should either 1) not be able to do damage itself or 2) cause the medic to move slower when it's activated. Although, I have a hard time believing the "frontal" part of "frontal projectile shield". I also understand the fact that some of these stats aren't easy to change, and that making plugins is a pain, but I would much rather just have the shield itself removed entirely than allow it to continue in it's current form.

    It's also worth noting that the medic has a +50% ubercharge rate on the vaccinator, meaning that he gets the irritating projectile shields really fast. Like..... stupidly fast. I mean..... imagine being a 125 hp spy or a 125-175 hp scout, or even a 200 hp pyro, and trying to run up and melee a vaccinator (since that's its only weakness) and having to deal with nearly constant projectile shields that do what..... 18 to 20 damage per second or something. Idk about the numbers. Especially since the medic moves fast enough to keep the shield on most other classes, and has the resistances activated on himself as well as the healing target. Oh, and don't forget about the fact that your normally dealing with their pockets as well.

    My overall point is that the projectile shield needs to be slightly changed. What I would like most is to have the projectile shield removed, but if that's not possible, it at least needs to have it's ability to deal damage removed. I look forward to hearing everyone's salt, i mean thoughts, regarding these proposals.



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    I hate to admit this because I've taken a liking to it but I agree its way overpowered. Two vac medics can uberchain and basically not die ever, and are able to defend eachother 100% of the time with the shield. I have a picture of one round where I dont ever stop using the vaccinator and was able to defend myself with the shield. It needs to, at the very least, do no damage.

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    lol @ 40,000 points of healing. fuckin try hard

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    "The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself" - FDR

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    Quote Originally Posted by watylicious View Post
    lol @ 40,000 points of healing. fuckin try hard
    Bitch please, 40,000 ain't shit. i've gotten half that in a single life, (albeit a longer life than usual). 100k+ heals, THAT'S impressive.

    But really though, I'm fine with the shield, but the damage cannot stay. Cant hurt them from afar, cant hurt them up close. Might as well just sit in spawn and eat sandviches.

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    mmm I don't know about removing the damage the shield does because if their is none. people will just run right through it with out a care. maybe fixing it so it takes a bit longer to charge up or fix it so it does not do so much damage per second?
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    I have been playing around with the Vacinator to see what we can and can not do to it. It does not appear we can change the damage the shield does or the duration that it lasts. Shield charge rate also seems to be directly tied into uber charge rate.

    The current version I am testing has these stats:
    + 200% UberCharge Rate (Down 200%)
    + 25 % Heal Rate (Down 25%)
    + Has the shield
    - 100% Overheal (can not give overheal)

    The goal here is to make the Vacinator not super viable for healing teammates, but instead focus on resistances and the shield. If you want faster healing or ubers pick a different medigun.

    Sometime this week I hope to publish an update to several medic weapons to increase medic survivability, as well as buff/nerd some mediguns, with vacinator changes included.

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    Switch I think nerfing it accross the board is not the way to go - It has two great options, and it should only have one - shield or resistances. Charly and I just dominated the entire enemy team with no sweat, and wouldnt have been able to do so effectively without the shield - balance.

    I dont think reducing the charge time is a good option, because at this point we're trying to polish a turd. The shield shouldn't be there, it's too strong.

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    I am very much opposed to removing the shield all together. It is something very unique that no other mediguns use, and finding/coming up with unique things for weapons is hard. I don't want to completely remove it because people are frustrated how it currently works. I would rather work with it and find a way to make it work instead of outright removing it.

    Unless you want to give it to a different medigun? I'm not sure which you would want to do that for though.

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    The thing with the shield is that you can't change the damage it gives, so you can't nerf it. That only leaves the resistances and the charge time to mess with, and at that point you're trying to balance the shield around those things, so you end up with a medigun that lacks what it was meant to do in the first place - have resistances - and replace it with a shield that is only available sometimes.

    Let's look at the quick fix, which has gone pretty much unused (by me at least) since the vaccinator was shown to be the meta. That would be a weapon I would be okay with having a shield on, because then we balance out the two and each has its own use - the quick fix has it's quick fix uber, which is still vulnerable to burst damage, and the shield, while the vaccinator prioritizes having resistances, though no shield.

    With the shield I could see the QF having a nerf to, for example, overhealing, which should balance things out a bit. I know that champ was messing around with adding the shield to the quick fix, but he did so before the changes to it, so it could be a viable option now.

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