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    Please just bring back these maps, they were so great... c:

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    Bring back Mann Co and Arktown, Such great maps, I would love to see Arktown back the most though, thank for your time...... *Overplayed Lenny*

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    Ark Town was a shithole because of the stupid-ass gimmick of jumping up and down, and creating a cat-and-mouse game for the Mercs and the Hales, not to mention the stupid elevators that broke occasionally and killed people for standing in the doors. Not to mention how slow they were. It was a travesty of a map, and Mini was right to remove it.

    I'm sorry, but that map was objectively garbage. It's like Mega Man, it looks cool, but functionally, it sucks anus.

    Mann Co. HQ was broken and had an exploit spot, but if it didn't have that, I would also vouch for it to come back.

    If Gummy can somehow fix both by like, I dunno, adding a deathpit at the bottom of Arktown and tweaking the elevator, for example, they should add it back.

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    Okay, I admit that Arktown was kinda fucked because of the elevator, but shit... it was so much fun.
    And for Mann Co HQ, I really enjoyed it, but the really high spots should be removed and the exploit of getting out of the map.

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    Arktown also caused frame drops for many people due to the animations added outside the map. I liked the map, but I don't want to see it back. Those 15+ minute rounds ruined it and probably drove away a number of people.

    If we could patch up Mann Co HQ, I would like that. At the same time though, it would have extended rounds due to classes with newly found masses of knockback(looking at sniper here).
    In the end, the Duck Hunt Dog always gets the last laugh... whether or not you shot the damn duck.

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    On Arktown, I could take out the jump pads and elevators and added stairs or a jump route, but none of those options sound like they could make it fun again. So I guess that map is kinda dead. Idunno. RIP

    Mann Co HQ would be an easy fix, what that guy probably did was not have a big enough of an invisible wall/ceiling.

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