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    I posted these two in the suggestions mega thread, but I didn't really explain them other than through bad achievement memes.

    SO. Reservoir and Mann Co Hq were both removed a while ago because they had no working cap and because players glitched their way out of the map, respectively. I went ahead today and fixed them both! Also some minor re-texturing was done on both, but I think only reservoir looks slightly different since I edited the props on that map a bit too.

    These two maps were always favorites (I think), and personally I loved them. Now that they're fixed, I'm just hoping they get added back into the rotation!


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    Update: Had to remove the maps form Gamebanana because of some map making ethics I wasn't aware of. Lel. xd

    Will fix tomorrow or something I guess

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    Well that's silly. Just upload them to Dropbox or something similar.

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