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    So, as many of you may know, the way shields work in Freak are a bit wonky. The only thing they do for you is to block one hit from the hale and the occasional charge. Obviously, they need a new angle.

    I propose the shields still give the ability to be a tank as demoknight, but not be overly broken. In general, they should have fire and explosive resistances (perhaps the amounts given on mayhem), a reduction of ranged attack damage (#205), and a damage reduction from melee (#206, negative value).

    The Chargin' Targe: This is the ultimate tank shield. You can't move near as fast as other demo men can, but you can take a lot more punishment. Pairs well with the Eyelander to regain lost speed and become even more tanky. Be careful to not over-extend, as your lowered speed might be the death of you.

    +25% explosive resistance on wearer
    +25% fire resistance on wearer
    -50% damage from ranged
    -30% damage from melee
    +50% crit resistance on wearer
    -35% move speed
    -50% healing from healers

    The Splendid Screen: Your charges are short and powerful, but this shield isn't good for much else.
    +Can deal charge impact damage at any range
    +2900% increase in charge impact damage
    +150% increase in turning control while charging
    +250% increase in charge recharge rate
    -15% damage from melee
    -20% damage from ranged
    -0.5 seconds decrease in charge time

    The Tide Turner: This shield pairs well with the Iron Bomber. The increased charge time allows for improved hit and run attacks. The player must, however, melee the hale to refill their charge meter, or wait longer for it to recharge.
    -17% damage from melee
    -20% damage from ranged
    +Full turning control while charging
    +2 second increase in charge duration
    +Melee hits refill 25% of your charge meter

    -35% charge recharge rate
    So! There it is. These are only ideas, probably far away from a finished product. Please leave your thoughts down below. What do you like? What do you NOT like? What would you change? Let me know!!

    Edit 1) Changed Targe melee resist from 50% to 35%, removed -50% damage to self from Tide turner, changed Turner melee resist from 30% to 15%, lessened Screen melee resist/ranged vulnerability from 20% and 35% (respectively) to 15% and 10%.
    Edit 2) Added reduced charge recharge rate to the Tide Turner to encourage people to hit the hale so they can get charging again.
    Edit 3) Removed ranged vulnerability from Screen. I was trying to encourage people to get close and keep charging so the hale wouldn't use their ranged attacks, but knowing nonsensical people can be, it wouldn't work out. Also slightly tweaked the melee resist on the tide turner to allow for one extra shot from the Iron Bomber before risking 1-shot death. (was 3 before now is 4).
    Edit 4) Just realized that I forgot to add ranged resistance to all shields. Wanted them to mimic the ranged AND melee protection of the old shields. Therefore removed the fire and explosive resistances from the Screen. Also slightly increased the melee resist of the Targe so the demo can fully withstand 4 hits not 3.
    Edit 5) Lowered the crit resist and melee resist on the Targe, and reduced the move speed nerf. Also reduced the charge-on-hit for the Turner and nerfed the recharge rate even further. Gave the Targe -50% healing from healers, because a Quick Fix uber would be insane on a tank like this.

    Note how I keep at least 15% melee resistance on each shield. This will give about the same effect as the shields had before. For a 175 hp demoman to take a 195 damage hit, the resistance will allow them to just barely survive. Players can then use a primary (that is not the boots) and not have to worry about the hale killing them in one hit (unless it's a crit.)
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    I don't think the splendid screen or the tide turner need melee resistances at all, nor does the tide turner need any ranged resistance. Every demo uses a shield anyway; charge should be the only tank shield. With those suggested buffs, it would just be adding on a huge cancer factor to demo.

    The targe buffs sound like they'd probably work, except that melee resistance could be lowered (combined with boots, targe would be really broken and not fun to play against whatsoever on any level at all).

    Splendid screen should preserve the identity of "I wanna drive around and smack into hale and do a ton of damage," and the suggested changes sound pretty good, except I personally don't think it needs the melee buff/ranged nerf.

    Tide turner has always been the mobility shield, and is already very popular. That being said, giving it melee/ranged resistance sounds incredibly red-biased. So does the reduced damage to self; that's even worse considering the iron bomber already does like only 2 self-damage per shot.

    My conclusion is to make the shields the following:

    Targe: Tank-oriented and slow
    Splendid: Damage-oriented and medium amount of mobility (without boots/claidheamh mor equipped)
    Tide: Mobility-oriented and quick (Practically no damage on shield bash and no resistances applied)

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    The thing is, shields are taken off if the Hale hits you in any way, like rages included.
    The idea of making Demo more of a tank than he already is, is already pretty dumb.

    All the shields need are more utility. Screen should do more damage, Tide Turner could last a little longer, and Targe could have supplemental auxiliary boosts, like movement speed until it gets removed by the Hale.

    Lastly, I need to mention that crit resistance only affects ranged crits. Sucks, right?

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    Jim... You totally missed my point here. With the new shields, they won't be destroyed after one hit. They're permanent so they actually have a long-lived effect on gameplay. The only shield that makes the demoman even tankier is the Targe, and that has some major drawbacks. The other shields will absorb just enough that they will have the same effect as the old shields where a 175 HP demo can survive a single non crit hit. Also, I'm essentailly giving the shields a buff. For example, I doubled the damage of the Screen, I gave the Turner a longer charge time, and I have the Targe transformed into something worth using. I honestly don't think that the screen needs more damage beyond what i gave it.

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    Firstly, you never mentioned keeping the shields from being removed.

    Secondly, the shield plug-in is part of the Freak Plug-in. We'd need to re-code it, or at the very least search through and remove the lines of code that involve shields.

    UPDATE: Fancy is able to remove code and allow shields to NOT break. So, your suggestions could possibly be implemented! Yaaaaay!
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    1. My bad, I thought that was implied. Will be clearer next time.
    2. AW YEEEAAAAA!! Shields will actually do things!!

    So, assuming shields won't be destroyed after one hit, do the added melee resistances seem fair? In all honesty, they don't absorb much, only around 30 damage for each standard hit.
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    Y'see? The wonders of code wizards.

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    It all comes down to if Mini will be willing to remove the current shield coding--unlikely, but if he's willing to, then we would think of it. For now, shield improvement is just a broken concept unfortunately
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    Heck, if I have to, I will bribe the leadership to do it. I really want shields to be useful beyond one hit. Besides, isn't Fancy able to do this aside from Mini? (Assuming Jim is correct.)

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