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    Quote Originally Posted by Kermit View Post
    [Robo-Heavy with Modest Metal Pile of Scrap and Titanium Towel]

    Battle Theme:

    Death Theme:

    Iron Fists
    50% speed increase
    Beggar-style loadup before firing, rapidfire punch

    Super Jump

    Heavy yells in robot voice "YEEAAAAAAAHHH" and pulls out a standard Natascha with 100 rounds and minicrit, expires after 12 seconds. Can't pull out melee during ult.

    Basically you are saying to make a ChoZo themed hale. All you changed was 50 rounds to 100 rounds, provided minicrits, and removed uber?. A beggar-styled melee isn't possible without plugins.

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    With all the entangle changes it seems to be half and half whether it works or not, i'm not a genius or have any idea how to do plugins or anything but would it be easier to bind it to a weapon for better reliability or would that cause more issues?

    Bosses with on command spawn minions. Not so much demo knight but can there be a cost of rage or a longer cooldown time on the CT snipers? These are better than demoknight minions since they have guns and can headshot. A 10 second cooldown isn't much since your super jump charges in that time or less. Though they do need to keep a 5 or so second invul spawn time to at least give them a chance against would be spawn campers.
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    buff dragon's fury, it's very low DPS

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    Maybe add extra damage against people on fire? Also the Short circuit could use some type of bleed proc or metal regen of 20 so it can have some type of usage against freaks

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    Since you increased all hales knock back resistance, would you mind removing the knock back changes on the beggars as well? This specific change to it is why I stopped getting on the freak server. Not because I couldn't blast the hale around, but because it messes with the consistency of jumping with it and will just fling you in a random direction every few jumps.
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    Removing the knockback reductions on weapons is on my list to do in the future, but I want to make sure I do them weapon by weapon, especially with rocket launchers since those usually got 'self push force increase' to make up for the knockback reduction stat. Don't want to have soldiers suddenly flying Mach 5 around the map. [...Or do I]

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    I mean, remove both the self push force bonus and the knock back reduction, I forgot the self push stat was added. Remove both, not just one or the other.

    Especially with the beggars, if the knock back reduction get removed it definitely doesn't need the self push force.
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    In the end, the Duck Hunt Dog always gets the last laugh... whether or not you shot the damn duck.

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    Anyway, since electromanic and counter strike got their guns nerfed and gotta use rage to use. Please make zerstorer the same. His pomson is literally as op as his melee and can SPAM, wasnt that the reason why electromanic lost his gun on spawn? Plus zerstorers melee does bleed and with the mark on death from pomson its a instant kill. Please nerf him.

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    I'd just like to let you all know that the Damage Stat and Regen on Hit Stat for the Short Circuit still do not work for the Secondary, which is the only viable way of using it as damage.

    Edit: I also forgot to say that Beep Man's Rage is broken and will not work.
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    With some luck, a bit of planning, and shower-based brainstorming, I think I might finally have a hale that may stand out from the crowd.

    Introducing, Octavia from Warframe

    Octavia's base stats are as follows:
    Base Class: Pyro using Any Large Two-Handed Weapon (Remove Afterburn Immunity. if not possible, Demoman with any Sword will do.)
    Health: Below Average
    Damage: Average
    Speed: Above Average, perhaps more
    Rage Requirement: Slightly Below Average
    Movement: Super Jump

    Octavia, sporting the Diva Skin and wielding a specialized Microphone Polearm skin by a talented creator (Should I link their profile? Probably not.), is here after intercepting nearby transmissions to eliminate the mercs as we know them for being too dangerous in their current state.
    Octavia's Diva Model:
    Octavia's Mic Polearm:

    For 20% of her Rage, Octavia can receive a little "Index Prize" from Nef Anyo in the form of 1-8 combat-ready Moa Minions depending on the number of players left. These Moa Minions are very frail, however have an above-average movespeed and sport slow-firing but very accurate miniguns to harass enemies from afar. Being Moas, they have regenerating ammo for infinite ammo, but no melee weapon.
    Edit: The Moas use this model:
    Summoning the Moas plays Nef Anyo's voice line:

    Octavia's Rage is Octavia's Anthem, Spooking close-up Reds and activating an advanced Metronome ability that gives minicrits to all nearby Moas and dealing chip damage (Similar to a combination of Fire and Bleed) to all nearby Reds for the duration of Octavia's Anthem. During this time, Octavia attacks faster and also is guaranteed Minicrits. This rage has a slight-smaller-than Banner Range, lasts for 16 seconds, and for the entire duration Octavia's Anthem plays to signify she is in rage.

    The Buff Rings around Octavia and the Moas are recommended to be recolored to White if possible, to keep in line with Octavia's Metronome glowing white in game.

    Octavia will have no voicelines on kills.
    Octavia's Entry Line comes from Ordis, the Operator's Ship Cephalon:
    Octavia's Win Line is also from Ordis:
    Octavia's Loss Line is from Ordis, again:

    Octavia's Hale Theme has Wings of War from the official Warframe soundtrack.

    And that's what i could dig up. If there's anything else that's needed, there's always room for revision. I did originally intend for the voice lines to come from The Lotus herself, but there were no available recordings of her voice lines. However, Ordis is always a favorite addition to any game.

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