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    Hey guys, to help reduce clutter and keep things tidy I have made a new thread for feedback since the other one has reached 60 pages.

    Please post any suggestions or feedback that you have here regarding bosses, weapons, maps, or anything else you have in mind. Please include links if you can!

    Link to the previous thread:

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    Amazing changes, my dude. We've been needing a mega-rework for a while.

    I do have some glaring issues involving functionality:
    - Cozy Camper Headshot damage does not work.
    - Mantreads still display the damage bonus.
    - Manmelter damage bonus does not work.

    - Put no fall damage + no healing from Medics back on the Shahanshah
    - Reduce Gunboats damage reduction by a small bit.
    - Make the MG have increased swap-into speed, but standard swap-out-of speed.
    - Give the MG HP regen on active, and make the HP regen reduced compared to before.
    - Nerf the Mantreads HP regen by a bit. Concheror has more, but it doesn't have enhanced jump height nor extra HP.
    - Shortshop needs some more accuracy.
    - With the removal of headshots on the SMG, it needs something else to go with it.
    - Buff the Shiv a bit more.
    - Backburner needs a bit more to it.

    The issues are just bug fixes, and the recommendation on my two cents on what you should change/update a bit more. You've made so many changes, and most of them go in the right direction! Keep up the good work, my man.
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    +1 to all of Rices suggestions. Wouldn't mind seeing MG have HP regen while active if not the swap in speed thing. But otherwise, great update.

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    Love the changes. I also agree with rice. Amazing work, Switch!
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    Just re-posting the map ideas I had a while back, in case anyone had any suggestions:















    VSH_mine_v3 (shhhhhh)


    -VSH_north_mountain (this is actually the first map I remember ever playing Saxton Hale on, the nostalgia is real)



    If I had to narrow down this list to only my personal top 5, I would choose:

    1) VSH_bigrock_b4

    2) VSH_Pipelines_a1

    3) VSH_mitraV3

    4) VSH_traincross_b1

    5) VSH_redstorage_a04

    Honorable mention: VSH_moving_in I actually like moving_in the most, but the dang map is 31 mb



    And, what list would be complete without some joke maps?



    Edit: Tried decompiling Citadel to make all the lights white to make it easier to see, but the map just wouldn't want to work with me. Took way too long to compile, and when it finally did, none of the lights work (the compiled map was using fullbright) as well as all of the custom content making the map ~60 mb, so I'm removing it from my suggestions.

    Edit 2: Removed Brewery from suggestions because of a major exploit.
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    the plank seems like a great map!
    lol, not really but still seems interesting

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    No comment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nope Le Engineer View Post
    "New" ideas:
    The Sydney Sleeper:

    90% Faster firing speed
    +900% Ammo capacity

    -45% Damage penalty

    This thing is absolute garbage. even if you can hit every one of your shots, which I doubt anybody can, it still falls short of the bazaar bargain and machina. Reducing the damage penalty will help it compete with the other rifles.

    The Cleaner's Carbine:

    +1500% Damage Bonus
    100% Critical hits
    75% More accurate

    -90% Clip Size

    Before the big hale hp buff, this thing was actually pretty decent, even if the stocks mg still did better. Then afterwards, we gave it a doubled clip size (2 from 1) and it was pretty decent. I have no idea why we removed that and nerved its damage, because now it's garbage. If we could add an extra 1 or 2 bullets per clip that'd be fantastic.

    The Quick-fix:

    500% heal rate bonus
    100% ubercharge rate bonus
    50 health regenerated per second on wearer
    Wearer never takes falling damage
    75% critical damage resistance on wearer
    Heals the user on Uber

    I only made a single change. Somehow, for some reason, somebody decided it'd be fair to remove the self-healing on this thing during uber. So medics can no longer use it to save themselves, only their pockets. which is dumb considering the pocket is often tougher than the medic, and the medic is always a target that gets focused like nothing else. So what do you do when nightmare medic rages and you're burning to death? oh yeah, you've got quick-fix uber! use it! oh, wait, that's right, it doesn't heal me. guess I'll just stand here and burn to death.

    1) Raising its damage where it can outdamage the bazaar or the machina would mean that no one would use the latter when there's absolutely no penalty for missing a shot while also doing comparable damage. The Sydney fills the role of a low risk, low reward weapon where the machina (and to an extent, the bazaar) is the opposite.

    2) We tried that and it was just a better bazaar, so I won't be doing that.

    3) I've tried changing it back, no one to my knowledge changed it, it just broke. It's not like that by choice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Recycle Bin View Post
    No comment
    Please keep this thread to legitimate suggestions and feedback.

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    What kind of plugin do we use to change stats for weapons?

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    Wow I remember Factoryhell being my first saxton hale map!

    So you know how !ff2boss (Choose your boss or hale command) is removed right? Due to the fact people would play the same hales over and over (Gabe, Bill, F2P Soldier, and F2P Demoman,)

    I think you should bring back the command, (but if guys can make it so that you can only choose that hale once per map) (So your forced to play that other hales than just one)
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