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    Reflex is Proud to present the biggest set of events in its history:

    The Summer MEGA Event Series

    Events are back, and they're bigger and better than ever!
    We have 8 straight weeks of your favorite events, and some new ones too!

    GunGame- May 28th
    Medieval Mode - June 4th
    Balloon Race - June 11th
    Cards Against Humanity - June 18th
    Huntsman Hell - June 25th
    WarioWare - July 2nd
    Dodgeball - July 9th
    Class Wars - July 16th

    Check out the thread for more details on all the upcoming events.

    All events take place at 7:00 P.M. Eastern time
    Events server IP: | Teamspeak Address

    Article by Google327
    Graphic by Sir Lolleth

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    A TF2 take on the classic gamemode. Get a kill to move up in level and change weapons, but be careful! Die twice in a row and your level drops back down! First one to level 16 wins!

    Medieval Mode
    The classic TF2 gamemode, where you are confined to weapons available during medieval times! Featuring maps like Degroot Keep and Helms Deep.

    Balloon Race
    You wanted more, and here it is! Battle your way to the end and capture control points aboard your team's blimp! Disrupt the enemy team's movement by eliminating their pilot!

    Cards Against Humanity
    The ever popular card game is back with a vengeance! Have your friends breathless at your card combinations, with plenty of custom cards thrown in! Meet up in Teamspeak approx. 10 minutes before the event starts to join.

    Huntsman Hell
    One of our most popular events, huntsman hell is exactly what you would expect. A server full of huntsman snipers, exploding arrows and super jumps!

    This event may be all about microgames, but it's anything but small! battle it out in a series of microgames against your friends!

    It's time to break out your flamethrowers, because in this event you reflect homing projectiles away from your team, and towards the enemy team! The last team standing wins!

    Class Wars

    It's time for each class to battle out their differences, Engineer VS Spy, Soldier VS Pyro and much, much more! All players on each team will join a particular class, and duke it out with the enemy team!

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    Sounds really fun and I am excited for it, but probably cant make most of them due to it being Sunday and being earlier in the night sadly.

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    Might join for the CAH, but thats about it.

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    is this the gun game we r gonna play?
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    Hope they last longer than 1 hour this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennyboy149 View Post
    Hope they last longer than 1 hour this time.
    Events generally run between 1 and 2 hours, depending on player numbers.

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    I'll try to make it but I don't think I will because I have a late job at work

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    what is this church every sunday?
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