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    Quickie Bomb Launcher:
    Reduced self-push force from 140%->100%

    Updated lighting on Warehouse to be brighter. Player with HDR on should no longer be in pitch-black darkness
    Added Jealo to Map Rotation
    Updated and Added Military Area to Map Rotation.

    Increased rage cost from 5000 to 8000
    Added player penetration to his Bow [Can penetrate up to Two players]
    Reduced the amount of arrows his bow gets to 6

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    Engineer cap increased from 4 to 8
    All Hales have had their knock-back resistance increased from 30% to 50%

    Doom Marine
    Added dynamic move speed for the minigun and sniper [He won't slow down as much while spun-up/aiming]

    Entangle no longer prevents you from shooting your weapon

    Added a 10% reduction to his melee swing speed

    Frontier Justice
    Removed 35% Accuracy bonus
    Removed 25% Slower Sentry fire rate

    Added Minicrits become Crits
    Removed 25% Accuracy bonus

    Removed 20% faster firing speed
    Removed 100% Maximum metal
    Removed 25% Faster Sentry firing speed
    Added 25% move speed bonus
    Added 25 health increase
    Added 25% building health increase

    Rescue Ranger
    Removed Crit vs Burning
    Removed Crit vs Non Burning
    Added Minicrits become crits
    Added Crit vs Wet Players

    Added -66% building health [Negates the shield the Wrangler adds]
    Removed 25 health regen
    Restored Sentry firing speed

    Short Circuit
    Removed 100% damage vulnerability
    Removed 100% increased Jump height
    Added 100% projectile range
    Added 100% damage bonus
    On Hit: Damage is returned as ammo

    Added 33% building health increase

    Max health increase reduced from 150 -> 100
    Added +100% damage vs sentry target
    Added +100% building upgrade rate [50 metal per hit]
    Removed 55% sentry fire rate increase
    Removed 100% increased damage to self

    Southern Hospitality
    The perfect wrench, no changes

    Added 50% Construction hit speed boost
    Added 50% Faster firing speed
    Added 25% damage penalty

    Eureka Effect
    Added Builds a Minisentry
    Added Construction hit speed boost decreased by 50%
    Added -25% sentry fire rate
    Added +25% sentry range
    Added -100% metal cost when constructing or upgrading teleporters
    Removed 50% slower guesture speed
    Removed -100% building cost
    Removed Faster teleport build speed

    Restored Force-A-Nature knockback

    Removed Crits become Minicrits

    Brass Beast
    Added Build Rage: Activate with Mouse 3 for massive knockback

    Added Build Rage: Activate with Mouse 3 for massive knockback
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    Sticky Bomb
    Increased clip size from 2->4
    Removed Fire rate penalty

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    Pomson now functions like Snek's grenade launcher or Counter Terrorist's revolver
    Minimum rage to aquire is 25%, rage drains slowly while active
    When raging Zerstorer will also acquire the pomson until the rage ends

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    Hale knockback resistance increased from 50%->60%
    Count Heavnich minions Crit Resistance reduced from 90%->70%
    Beep Man added a second song that can play: Storm Top Dog by Zackery Wilson

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    ALL Medigun ubercharges no longer increase to 150% once deployed, this is what was causing the Vaccinator to break. Mediguns were given longer uber deployment to compensate for this so it comes out to being the same.

    No longer can give infinite crits as the charge bars drain properly now. Aside from that it now functions exactly the same as the stock Vaccinator does. It will be under going a rework in the near future, if you have an idea for a change, please leave ideas on what to add to it in the Freak Fortress Suggestions thread. Thanks!

    +Added MvM Frontal Shield
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    Ubertrap Prevention
    Hales which have the 'Teleport to Kill' rage [Gaben, Death Machine, Bill] now gain 1 point teleport when they rage. This will allow them to break out of being stuck inside uberd players.

    Medigun, Quick Fix, and Vaccinator
    -Now provide minicrits on uber instead of Kritz

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    7/18/2018 Backlog update

    Merasmus: Joins the Carnival!
    Rage: Can cycle through several rages:
    Curse of Jarate: 10% rage: Coats nearby enemies in Jarate for 10 seconds
    Bombheads: 25% rage: Gives nearby enemies bomb heads. Hitting them will detonate the bomb early for increased damage.
    Monoculous: 50% rage: Summon Monoculous
    Meteor Storm: 75% rage: Summon meteors within a small area
    Bominomicon: 100% rage: Launch many, many bombs around you

    Predator: Returns!
    Cloak now costs rage
    25% gets you a standard cloak with Dead Ringer effects [speed boost, fire goes out, etc etc]
    75% gets you a cloak that doesn't last as long, but you can attack from it

    Beep man: Removed Hijack sentry. Added the ability to build a sentry after the first Rage. Magic teleport: Hold Alt-fire and look in a direction to throw an arching projectile that will teleport you.

    Counter terrorist: Removed charge summon [broke].

    Tavish: Melee cycles through Ham Shank, Pan, Golden Pan. Rage gun does an increased amount of damage (Expected output 2000~ damage total] and double that to sentry guns.

    Electromaniac: Removed the CAPPER. Gun now shoots pomson rounds. Can hijack nearby sentries.

    Genji: Removed point teleport and gave him a Lunge ability instead.

    Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol:
    Fire rate reduced from +15%->-25%
    Clip size increased from 9->12
    Damage bonus increased from +0%->+500%
    Health increase removed

    Syringe Gun
    Added Mad Milk needles, stacks up to 4 seconds
    Removed Uber on hit

    Crusaders Crossbow
    Added +15% uber on hit

    Removed Passive speed bonus
    Increased Speed bonus based on Ubercharge from +15%->+25%
    Added -0.3% uber on hit

    Short Circuit
    +100% Jump boost while active
    Fires pomson rounds
    firing speed
    +100% damage bonus

    Fires cowmangler rounds
    +900% damage bonus [it's not as good as it sounds lol]

    Liberty Launcher [complete rework]
    Hold to load the chamber
    Fires up to 5 flares
    +25% damage bonus
    Crits vs burning
    Cannot ignite
    -66% projectile speed

    Loose Cannon???
    Clip size increased from 1->4
    no longer crits when it would minicrit

    Baby Face Blaster
    Speed penalty increased from -10%->-20%

    Brass Beast
    On Hit: Damage returned as ammo
    Accuracy reduced from +90%->+80%
    +90% damage resistance when below 50% health
    +50% fire rate increase
    No ammo from dispensers

    Black Box
    Ammo in clip reduced from 4->1
    Ammo in reserve increased from 0->1
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    Free 2 Play Duo: Removed from rotation due to balancing issues and Error message console spam

    Removed +100% damage bonus vs sentry target [Wasn't working]
    Added -33% max overheal penalty
    Added +33%
    critical resistance
    Added On Hit: Speed Boost

    Added -33% Sentry Fire rate penalty

    Removed +10% movement speed
    Added +15% sentry firing speed

    Decreased Sentry firing speed from +25% -> +15%
    Added +10% movement speed

    Stickybomb Launcher
    Updated Strange and Skinned versions to match the stock versions attributes

    Brass Beast
    Accuracy reduced from +85% -> +80%
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    Removed +15 health on hit
    Added Mad Milk Syringes: Up to 4 seconds of madmilk on hit
    Changed projectile to Syringes
    Instantly fires all 4 shots

    Increased crit resistance from +33%->+66%

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