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    + Health from healers increased from -60%->0%
    - Damage from ranged increased from 75%->100%
    - Damage from melee increased from 75%->100%
    + Added 25% damage bonus
    + Added 50% faster minigun spin up
    + Fire rate increased from +25%->+30%

    Brass Beast:
    +25% damage bonus when being healed by medic [no clue if it works]
    +20% ubercharge build rate for medics [no clue if it works]
    +20% accuracy
    +20 ammo regenerated every 5 seconds
    +Gain minicrits for 5 seconds if the medic healing you is killed [no clue if it works]
    + Destroys projectiles
    - Cannot be overhealed

    Why yes this IS another brass beast overhaul! Being immobile is almost always disadvantageous to the alternative miniguns so it's being thrown through the wringer once more. There's a really high probability that most or even all of the 'while a medic is healing you' stats don't work, so it's in a very experimental stage right now and if it fails to perform well, expect the 21st brass beat overhaul in the near future.

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    Bazaar Bargain
    Increased charge rate from -100%->-90%
    Added On Scoped bodyshot: +10% charge rate
    Added on Missed Scoped shot: -10% charge rate

    The Disciplinary Action
    Range increase changed from 1900% -> 200%
    Added On Miss: Hit self. Idiot.
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    The True and Best stats of a rabbit.

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    The Soda Popper
    Added primary ammo bonus at 100%
    Reload speed bonus changed from 50% -> 99%
    Damage bonus changed from 100% -> 80%
    No longer builds hype for multiple jumps

    The Scattergun
    Damage bonus changed from 100% -> 110%
    Added accuracy bonus at 50%
    Reload speed bonus changed from 25% -> 30%

    The Shortstop

    Max health increase changed from 100 -> 50

    The Baby Face's Blaster
    Damage vulnerability changed from 50% -> 0%
    Added health increase at 100
    Added health regen per second at 10
    No longer reduces max health while active
    Movement speed penalty changed from 20% -> 40%

    The Liberty Launcher
    Projectile speed penalty changed from 66% -> 0%
    Added projectile speed bonus at 50%
    Clip size bonus changed from 20% -> 200%
    Crits whenever it would normally mini-crit
    Fire rate bonus changed from 99% -> 60%
    Now shoots rockets

    The Disciplinary Action
    Damage penalty changed from 95% -> 75%

    The Buff Banner
    Added movement speed increase at

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    The Liberty Launcher
    Damage penalty changed from
    25% -> 0% (Was leftover due to the preserve attributes, wasn't meant to have it in the first place)

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    Doom Marine:
    Added some unused voicelines from Quake
    Changed class from Heavy to Soldier
    Reverted back to random weapon on rage, pool has been reduced to 3 weapons-
    -BFG: Gain The Original that fires a high damage rocket. Clip: 1
    -Super Shotty: Gain a shotgun that fires high damage, high spread, penetrating bullets. Clip: 4
    -The Unmaker: Rapidly fire 3 low damage [lasers] in a triangle spread. Clip: 60


    Baby Face's Blaster
    Move speed penalty decreased from -40%->-10%
    Reload speed increased by 30%
    Bullets per shot decreased from +125%->+100%
    Accuracy increased from-100%->+50%
    Removed health increase
    Removed health regen

    Damage bonus decreased from +175%->+110%
    Speed hype decays slowly over time

    Soda Popper
    Reload speed decreased from +99%->Normal
    Damage bonus increased from +80%->+175%
    Clipsize reduced from +1->+0
    Added +125% bullets per shot
    Added +100 health on wearer
    Added +10 hp regenerated
    Added -25% move speed on wearer
    Added -100% accuracy
    Restored Hype

    Reload speed increased from +30%->+90%
    Fire rate bonus increased from +50%->+75%
    Damage bonus decreased from +110%->+80%
    Accuracy decreased from +50%->+0%
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    The Soda Popper
    -Added critical damage resistance at 100%

    The Brass Beast
    Removed old stats
    -Added damage bonus at 300%
    -Added accuracy bonus at 50%
    -Added critical damage resistance at 25%

    The Loose Cannon
    Added Crits whenever it would normally mini-crit
    Added clip size penalty at 80%

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    Easter Bunny
    Reverted from stickybomb launcher back to grenade launcher

    Updated their superjumps to be better

    Entangle now bound to Reload
    Replaced Teleport with Super Jump

    Polite Spy/Gentle Spy
    Re-entered into rotation

    Arrows should now penetrate players properly

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    The Ambassador

    Damage bonus changed from 1500% -> 1600%

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    RAGE: Deflects damage back onto attackers for 2 seconds [you cannot die from this damage] and gains a katana with increased melee range that deals increased damage for 8 seconds. Player stun removed.
    Melee: Still his Katana
    SPECIAL: Press the middle mouse/Special to gain access to his iconic triple shuriken...cleavers. Functions as a low damage ranged projectile alternative to his melee. [you don't want to know how many workarounds went into getting this working]
    R: Lunge attack has been moved to R

    Added music:
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    The Backscatter
    Damage bonus changed from 1700% -> 2500%
    Mini crits when rocket jumping (the initial blast)
    No longer 100% crits
    Mini-crits whenever it would normally crit

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