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    Okay, here we go!

    "Friendship ends in 10 seconds..."



    Meet your newest dynamic duo, the tower of power, the lord of all gibuses!

    Upon rage, soldier gets a direct hit while demoman gets a Scottish resistance.

    Each boss has 2 lives. When lost, Soldier gets a super shotgun and demoman gains a large speed boost and can charge.

    "Let this be lesson to you."



    A heavy with company! his rage causes him to go giant and gain a better weapon for 10 seconds. Upon loss of a life, he spawns a few very tough but very slow robo minions. Get outta the way!

    We are a mistake of nature..."



    The solgineer is an abomination who can fire a rocket in exchange for rage, or save it up and be able to teleport with a long uber duration.

    "Around the world"


    This duo hits hard with their knives, and their rage causes nearby players to spontaneously dance. Can you feel the beat?


    Possibly the most intimidating of all, Steve has a very blocky personality, and can choose to either drain his rage to swing faster or save it up for a devastating chain lightning attack! Duck and cover!


    Tavish Finnegan DeGroot gains minicrits, blast immunity, and a strong iron bomber with his rage. Soldiers and demomen beware!


    Shadow Thief can blend into the shadows, with his rage giving him cloak in combat for a few seconds. On hit, he steals and can use the weapon that the player was using, so watch out!



    This soldier has risen from the grave... and he wants payback. During the first few minutes, he is completely invincible. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to survive until his defense falls, then give him a taste of his own medicine, thanks to his low health!



    This veteran of war is here to show you how to fight. On rage, he gets a liberty launcher, minicrits, and outlines everyone. No one can hide from his sights.



    The pirate who's out for treasure! His rage applies an uber to himself, a stun to players, and an overlay blocking players' sight for a few seconds. Yar!

    ASS PANCAKES! (temporarily removed)

    This joker uses a necro smasher and can stun a player on command with his rage, as well as being ubered. Boink!



    This certified can of kick-ass will waste no time in showing you who's the hale around here. On rage, he gets a handcannon and applies a small distance stun. Watch out, this handcannon is armor piercing and will go through players!

    "Pills here!"



    Thanks to his numerous healthkits, Bill has 3 lives and will go into a drug induced rage (slow down time and lunge) upon a life loss and will pull out his trusty SMG with his rage.

    Thanks everyone so much for helping me with these, and I plan on working on balance over the next few days!

    Misc changes:

    Dahlokah's bar
    -Removed +100% primary ammo

    -Added +50% secondary ammo
    -Added +50% accuracy
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    You should know better than think that I'm done adding bosses.....

    Quick list of new bosses
    femscout - has a pistol and stuns
    Heavydile - takes less bullet and explosive, takes more melee and fire damage
    Campoman - has an infinite stickybomb launcher but no melee weapon
    James Bond - has a pistol
    Claude - has an smg and rage gets a shotgun

    Some weapon changes (Will be adding more to this for now)

    Shotgun (all classes)
    -Added accuracy bonus at 80%
    -Damage bonus changed from 100% -> 150%
    -Added bonus bullets per shot at 100%

    Gang Plank
    -Rage threshold increased from 2000 -> 4500

    Quickiebomb launcher
    -Damage bonus changed from 50% -> 100%
    -Removed 50% extra primary ammo
    -Removed self blast damage reduction

    The Bootlegger
    -Self blast damage reduction increased from 70% -> 80%

    Daft punk duo
    -Added knife damage penalty at 25%

    Market Gardener
    -Changed fire rate penalty from 100% -> 200%

    Splendid Screen
    -Changed Charge damage bonus from 30x -> 70x

    Scottish Resistance
    -Added 99% faster charge rate
    -Added damage bonus at 200%
    -Max pipebombs reduced from 68 - > 18
    -Added knockback reduction similar to the air strike

    Persian Persuader
    -Added +20% movement speed on wearer
    -Added +100% damage bonus
    -Added +100% charge recharge rate
    -Added -100% Max primary ammo
    -Added -100% Max secondary ammo

    -Added no fall damage on wearer

    -Added knockback resistance at 75%
    -Changed blast resistance from 90% -> 50%
    -Changed bullet resistance from 90% -> 50%
    -Changed melee damage vulnerability from 50% -> 100%

    -Rage threshold increased from 2000 -> 3500

    Bad ass engineer
    -Added reload speed bonus at 70%

    Nightmare medic
    -Changed knockback resistance from 30% -> 50%
    -Replaced teleport with super jump

    Zombie Soldier
    -Added knockback resistance at 75%

    -Added knockback resistance to normal weapon at 50%
    -Added knockback resistance to rage drain weapon at 90%

    Wrap assassin
    -Ball recharge rate bonus changed from 50% -> 90%
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    Time to begin the list of changes on 5/29/2017! Make sure to check back often! I'll be gone for some time this afternoon, have a safe Memorial Day!

    Someone asked, so here is a list of all current hales on the RXG Freak Fortress server!
    "1" "seeman"
    "2" "seeldier"
    "3" "combatsoldier"
    "4" "saxtonv2"
    "5" "brutal_sniper_hale"
    "6" "easterbunny"
    "7" "radigan"
    "8" "gaben"
    "9" "bonkboy"
    "10" "serioussam_2"
    "11" "xyro"
    "12" "bionic_commando"
    "13" "nightmare_medic"
    "14" "counter_terrorist"
    "15" "soldine"
    "16" "predator"
    "17" "skeleton_king"
    "18" "solid_snake"
    "19" "beepman"
    "20" "rubberfruit"
    "21" "zerstorer"
    "22" "dococ"
    "23" "onepunch"
    "24" "electromaniac"
    "25" "deathmachine"
    "26" "count_heavnich"
    "27" "solgineer"
    "28" "f2p_demoman"
    "29" "f2p_soldier"
    "30" "daftpunkgold"
    "31" "daftpunksilver"
    "32" "steve"
    "33" "tavish"
    "34" "thief"
    "35" "bad_ass_engineer"
    "36" "bill"
    "37" "zsoldier"
    "38" "gangplank"
    "39" "femscout"
    "40" "claude"
    "41" "heavydile"
    "42" "jamesbond"
    "43" "campoman"
    "44" "war_machine"
    "45" "weepingangel"

    The order is pretty much in what order they were added, and have no bearing on occurrence rate.

    Death Machine
    -Added super jump

    Dahlokah's bar
    -Re-added +100% primary ammo

    Bosses added
    -Weeping Angel
    -War machine

    Bad ass engineer
    -Added knockback reduction while revolver is active at 75%

    -Changed knockback resistance from 30% -> 50%
    -Given super jump

    Fists of Steel
    -Damage from ranged reduction changed from 95% -> 50%
    -Damage from melee increase change from 40x -> 20x (just cause)

    Added Weeping Angel
    -Rage applies a stun and overlay
    -On kill, spawns a prop that looks like the hale (but doesn't move or attack)

    Seeman / Seeldier
    -Temporarily removed due to bug

    -Changed weapon to KGB to hopefully show when he's ubered

    Count Heavnich
    -Added 12 seconds uber to rage to help players who get stuck

    Radigan Conagher
    -Added rescue ranger damage bonus to buildings at 200%

    Liberty Launcher
    -Reload speed increase changed from 45% -> 75%

    Market Gardener
    -Fire rate penalty changed from 200% -> 150%

    Stickybomb launcher
    -Added damage bonus at 700%
    -Added splash radius increase at 100%
    -Added charge rate at 99%
    -Added clip size penalty at -90%
    -Added max ammo decrease at 50%

    Quickiebomb launcher
    -Removed 100% splash radius increase
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    Boss purge!

    After looking at feedback, I realized that I have been adding too many bosses too quickly. Therefore, I have went through and removed a large portion of the newer hales until later, when people are used to the current hales and balance is done.

    Current roster as of 5/29/2017:

    "1" "combatsoldier"
    "2" "saxtonv2"
    "3" "brutal_sniper_hale"
    "4" "easterbunny"
    "5" "radigan"
    "6" "gaben"
    "7" "bonkboy"
    "8" "serioussam_2"
    "9" "xyro"
    "10" "bionic_commando"
    "11" "nightmare_medic"
    "12" "mummy"
    "13" "predator"
    "14" "skeleton_king"
    "15" "solid_snake"
    "16" "beepman"
    "17" "rubberfruit"
    "18" "zerstorer"
    "19" "dococ"
    "20" "onepunch"
    "21" "electromaniac"
    "22" "deathmachine"
    "23" "count_heavnich"
    "24" "f2p_demoman"
    "25" "f2p_soldier"
    "26" "daftpunkgold"
    "27" "daftpunksilver"
    "28" "bad_ass_engineer"
    "29" "ninjaspy"
    "30" "femscout"
    "31" "counter_terrorist"

    -James Bond
    -Shadow Thief
    -Zombie Soldier
    -GTA V Trio
    -Seeldier / Seeman (until fixed)
    -Counter terrorist (until fixed)
    -Weepng Angel
    Current heavydile idea: remove uber, replace with a weapon that increases resistances to 90% and melee vulnerability to only 25%

    I'll be looking over the feedback thread over these next few days and balance out the current hales before adding any new ones, thank you all for your testing and support!

    More changes:

    One Punch Man
    -Knockback resistance changed from 30% -> 50%
    -Damage bonus increased from 50% -> 100000%
    -Rage threshold changed from 3700 -> 5000

    Count Heavnich
    -Heavy minions speed penalty changed from 65% -> 0%
    -Heavy minions health changed from 500 -> 1500
    -Heavy minions health regeneration changed from 20 -> 100
    -Changed time spent as giant heavy from 10 seconds -> 1 second
    -Heavy minions ranged and melee resistance changed from 95% and 97% -> 70% and 70%

    Counter terrorist
    -fixed and re-added

    -Added accuracy bonus at 60%
    -Damage bonus changed from 175% -> 100%

    Liberty Launcher
    -Fire rate bonus changed from 75% -> 80%
    -Reload speed changed from 75% -> 85%
    -Added 80% self push force increase
    -Added knockback reduction

    -Ammo regen per 5 seconds changed from 15% -> 30%

    -Added secondary max ammo penalty at 50%

    -Added knockback reduction at 30%
    -Changed rage threshold from 8000 -> 10000
    -Changed flares per rage from 3 -> 2

    -Changed health increase from 100 -> 0

    -Added health increase from 0 -> 100
    -Changed damage penalty vs nonburning players from 100% -> 75%
    -Damage bonus increased from 200% -> 400%
    -Added melee range bonus at 100%
    -Added damage versus burning players bonus at 100%
    [/COLOR]-Changed movement speed bonus from 15% -> 0%

    Daft Punk Duo
    -Added super jump to both hales (teleport changed to reload / use key)

    -Rage threshold changed from 2500 -> 5000

    -Damage bonus changed from 50% -> 0% (stock hale damage)

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    Working on bosses!

    Hello everyone! After careful consideration with Switch, I have decided to disable all new hales. We will begin to enable one at a time and play that boss in order to get a sense of balancing. I would much prefer to have a few well balanced bosses than 100 bosses with wildly varying power levels. Thank you all for your patience with me, I plan on helping Freak as much as possible!

    Combat Soldier
    -Changed Rocket's speed penalty from 30% -> 0%
    -Changed stock weapon after rage (Removed -65% damage vs players and 50% faster firing speed)
    -Added projectile can not be deflected
    -Changed backup rocket launcher ammo penalty from 100% -> 80%
    -Added reload speed bonus at 50%
    -Changed rage rocket's splash radius bonus from 150% -> 100%
    -Rage threshold changed from 2500 - 7500

    Saxton Hale
    -Changed knockback resistance from 30% -> 50%

    -Changed rage threshold from 10000 -> 8000

    The Air Strike
    -Changed reload bonus from 75% -> 60%

    -Changed pomson firing speed penalty from 30% -> 50%

    -Replaced teleport with super jump

    Quickiebomb launcher
    -Changed sticky bomb arm rate bonus from 2 seconds -> 0.5 seconds

    Scorch shot
    -Changed secondary ammo penalty from 50% -> 0%

    Liberty launcher
    -Added damage bonus at 100%
    -Firing speed bonus changed from 80% -> 50%

    The Classic
    -Changed damage penalty on bodyshot from 100% -> 90%

    Counter Terrorist
    -Changed revolver reload penalty from 300% -> 100%
    -Added damage bonus to minion SMG's at 200%
    -Added damage bonus to buildings to minion's SMGs at 200%
    -Added ammo regen per 5 seconds to minion's SMGs at 200%
    -Removed minion melee weapon

    -Added medic healing reduction at 100%

    Count Heavnich
    -Added +50% ranged and +50% melee resistance to rage weapon
    -Added crit resistance to minions at 90%
    -Slightly reduced health
    -Removed uber during rage

    F2P Soldier and Demoman
    -Slightly increased health

    -Rage stun distance changed from 800 -> 500

    Nightmare Medic
    Damage bonus changed from 400% -> 200% (stock hale damage)

    Dahlokah's bar
    -Taunt speed decrease changed from 70% -> 90%

    Crusader's Crossbow
    -Damage bonus added at 400%
    -Firing speed bonus changed from 80% -> 60%

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    Late Night Changes 5/30/2017

    - vsh_crevice_b7 updated to vsh_crevice_b8


    - All minion spawning bosses have been disabled due to problems with there minions. I am currently working on fixing them but it's going to take some time.

    - Move speed bonus reduced from 35% -> 20%
    - Removed damage penalty as it did nothing

    Sticky Launcher
    - Reload time changed from 50% faster to 50% slower

    24,000+ ​Player Teleports and rising!

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    Changes for 5/31/2017

    -Readded !ff2boss (you currently have to do it every map)

    Stickybomb launcher
    -Damage bonus changed from 700% -> 500%
    -Fixed secondary ammo penalty (should now show as a red attribute)

    Wrap Assassin
    -Ball recharge rate bonus changed from 90% -> 95%

    Death Machine
    -Removed melee immunity during rage

    Undead Sanic
    -Jump height increase changed from 100% -> 75%

    Doc Oc's super jump added to hales:
    -Combat Soldier
    -Count Heavnich
    -Daft punk duo
    -Death machine
    -Easter Bunny
    -F2P Duo
    -Serious Sam
    -Skeleton King
    -Undead Sanic
    -One Punch Man

    liberty launcher
    -Reload speed bonus changed from 85% -> 70%
    -Splash radius increase changed from 100% -> 50%
    -Added Rocket jump damage increase at 50%
    -Changed clip size bonus from 200% -> 150%
    -Damage bonus changed from 100% -> 75%

    Crusader's Crossbow
    -Damage bonus changed from 400% -> 200%


    Daft punk duo
    -Removed teleporting function as it was finicky and sometimes activated when swinging weapon, still has super jump

    -Damage bonus changed from 800% -> 600%

    Dahlokah's bar
    -Changed misc ammo from 1 -> 3
    -Added increased recharge rate at 20%
    -Taunt speed decrease changed from 90% -> 70%
    -Primary ammo increase changed from 100% -> 50%

    -Uber now heals medic (not working, on our radar)

    -Damage bonus changed from 100% -> 75%

    Melee weapon damage bonus changed from 50% -> 0%
    Capture rate changed from x5 -> x3 (hopefully)

    The Air Strike
    -Self blast damage reduction changed from 30% -> 0%

    The Direct Hit
    -Projectile speed bonus changed from 175% -> 200%
    -Added reload speed bonus at 40%
    -Damage increase changed from 350% -> 550%
    -Added crits whenever it would normally mini-crit
    -Self push force reduction added at 100%

    The Quick-Fix
    -Health regenerated per second changed from 35 -> 50 (to help compensate for uber not healing medic)

    The Amputator
    -Visually Fixed health regen (now shows as a positive attribute)

    The Vaccinator
    -Added health regen at 25 per second
    -Added critical resistance at 75%
    -Added health increase at +50
    -Added movement speed penalty at 15%
    -Removed rage shield
    -Added heal rate penalty at 50%

    The Solemn Vow
    -Added range bonus at 100%

    Combat Soldier
    -Rage threshold changed from 7500 -> 10000

    Count Heavnich
    -Max health changed from 300 -> 1500 (not overheal anymore)
    -Number of lives changed from 5 -> 4 (overall health staying the same)

    -Fixed ammo attribute (now shows as red)

    Buffalo Steak Sandvich
    -Fixed ammo attribute (now shows as red)
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    Changes for 5/31/2017

    One Punch Man
    -Slightly reduced health
    -Rage threshold changed from 3700 -> 5000

    The Flare Gun
    -Secondary ammo bonus changed from 200% -> 400%
    -Added damage bonus at 50%
    -Added knockback reduction

    The Manmelter
    -Reload speed bonus changed from 25% -> 50%
    -Firing speed bonus changed from 25% -> 50%
    -Added afterburn damage bonus at 200%

    The Fire Axe
    -Fixed damage penalty

    The Minigun
    -Firing speed bonus changed from 25% -> 30%
    -Added ranged damage reduction at 25%
    -Added health increase at +100
    -Added reduced health from healers at 60%
    -Slightly reduced knockback

    Combat Soldier
    -Rocket's splash radius increase changed from 100% -> 50%

    Huo Long Heater
    -Damage bonus changed from 50% -> 100%

    Death Machine
    -Damage bonus changed from 50% -> 0% (stock hale damage)

    Undead Sanic
    -Jump height increase changed from 75% -> 50%
    -Health very slightly reduced

    Count Heavnich
    -Removed grappling hook
    -Rage threshold set at 5000
    -Removed crits on superjump, changed to reload with a 2 second charge and 40 second cooldown

    The Vaccinator
    -Heal rate penalty changed from 50% -> 25%
    -Fixed movement speed penalty
    -Added overheal penalty at 100%

    The Market Gardener
    -Attack rate penalty changed from 150% -> 75%
    -Added health from healers penalty at 75%
    -Bonus health from health packs and health from healers penalty is now passive

    The Flamethrower
    -Max primary ammo bonus changed from 100% -> 300%
    -Damage bonus changed from 300% -> 0%

    The Backburner
    -Added damage bonus at 300%
    -Added primary max ammo decrease at 50%

    -The Phlog
    -Added damage bonus at 50%

    The Medigun
    -Added heal rate bonus at 100%

    The Brass Beast
    -Damage bonus changed from 200% -> 250%
    -Significantly reduced knockback

    Radigan Conagher
    -Rescue ranger damage penalty changed from 50% -> 0%

    -Added stun to rage


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    Hey, everyone! Over the next week or so, I will attempt to help balance the different classes, one class at a time! I'm going to go down the row, so please give any feedback in the feedback forum. Tomorrow, I will be concentrating on scout, and will try to be in teamspeak to hear any suggestions as well as in game!
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    6/2/2017 UPDATE! Scout reworks and other misc changes!

    Your Eternal Reward
    -Fixed health penalty (now shows as red attribute)

    Baby Face's Blaster
    -Added damage bonus at 125%
    -Added bonus bullets per shot at 125%
    -Added accuracy reduction at 200%
    -Added no random critical hits
    -Added can not be crit boosted

    The Candy Cane
    -Added health increase at 50
    -Added health from healers reduction at 50%

    The Pistol
    -Added full crits (crits vs burning and non burning players)
    Note: This includes engie's pistol (for now, and this is intentional)

    The Winger
    -Added switch to bonus at 50%
    -Added mini-crits players launched airborne by explosions, grapple hooks, or enemy attacks
    -Added crits wherever it would normally mini-crit

    Mad Milk
    -Health regen per second changed from 5 -> 8
    -Fixed health regen (now shows as a positive attribute)

    The Back Scatter
    -Damage bonus changed from 275% -> 150%

    -Recharge rate bonus changed from 25% -> 50%
    -Added taunt speed decrease at 40%

    The Shortstop
    -Damage bonus changed from 75% -> 175%

    Counter Terrorist
    -Fixed and re-added

    Tomorrow I will be focusing on balancing soldier, please give suggestions in the forum!

    Other misc changes tonight:

    The Razorback
    -Given stats
    -Added fire damage resistance at 50%
    -Added crit damage resistance at 50%
    -Added explosive damage resistance at 50%
    -Added bullet damage resistance at 50%
    -Added health regen per second at 10
    -Added health increase at 100
    -Added wearer takes no falling damage

    The Tribalman's shiv
    -Damage bonus changed from 200% -> 300%
    -Afterburn damage bonus changed from 300% -> 400%

    The Family Business
    -Added movement speed bonus at 15%
    -Accuracy reduction changed from 110% -> 75%
    -Damage bonus changed from 150% -> 125%
    -Added primary ammo reduction at 100%

    The Fists of steel
    -Deploy time increase changed from 200% -> 50%
    Added primary ammo increase at 50%
    -Added secondary ammo increase at 100%
    -Added health penalty at 100

    -Capper's damage penalty changed from 70% -> 50%

    Combat Soldier
    -Rage threshold changed from 10000 -> 7500

    -Rage now blocks fire damage instead of explosive
    -Rage now gives a defense buff in addition to mini crits
    -Given 8 shots during rage instead of 4

    Combat Soldier
    -Given 4 shots during rage instead of 3

    -Removed, replaced with Bill

    -Shots given per rage changed from 4 -> 30
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