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    6/3/2017 UPDATE I'll be beginning with soldier secondaries, and be looking at other slots through the day!

    The Battalion's Backup
    -Duration penalty changed from 50% -> 25%
    -Added movement speed decrease at 15%

    The gunboats
    -Movement speed bonus changed from 5% -> 0%
    -Ammo regened per 5 seconds changed from 30% -> 15%

    The Buff Banner
    -Added ammo regen per 5 seconds at 5%

    The Righteous Bison
    -Max primary ammo increase changed from 50% -> 100%
    -Added health increase at 50

    The Mantreads
    -Health increase changed from 50 -> 0

    Soldier's shotgun
    -Added mini-crits targets launched airborne by explosions, grapple hooks or enemy attacks
    -Added crits whenever it would normally mini crit
    -Added switch to bonus at 20%
    -Damage bonus changed from 100% -> 150%
    -Added bonus bullets per shot at 100%

    The Half-Zatoichi
    -Added fire rate increase at 25%
    -Added speed boost on hit
    -Added critical damage resistance at 50%
    -Added health penalty at -50
    -Added bonuses only apply on active

    The Black Box
    -Health increase changed from 125 -> 150
    -Health regen per second changed from 15 -> 20
    -Move speed bonus changed from 25% -> 30%

    Counter terrorist
    -Minion move speed bonus added at 20%
    -Minion health changed from 100 -> 250

    Stock Rocket Launcher
    -Added ignites on hit
    -Added health bonus at 50

    The Reserve Shooter
    -Added speed boost on hit
    -Added accuracy bonus at 20%
    -Added secondary ammo bonus at 300%
    -Added movement speed penalty at 15%

    The Syringe Gun
    -Firing rate bonus changed from 70% -> 50%

    The Bootlegger
    -Changed back to the Ali Baba's to avoid confusion

    Ali Baba's and Bootlegger
    -Added wearer takes no fall damage

    The Axtinguisher
    -Health bonus changed from 100 -> 0

    Sharpened Volcano Fragment
    -Added health bonus at 100

    The Pain Train
    -Added move speed bonus at 20%
    -Added secondary ammo bonus at 200%
    -Added self blast damage reduction at 50%
    -Added primary ammo penalty at 100%

    The Soda Popper
    -Added full crits
    -Damage bonus changed from 50% -> 25%
    -Significantly reduced knockback

    The Winger
    -Added primary ammo increase at 200%

    The Degreaser
    -Secondary ammo penalty changed from 50% -> 0%

    The Panic Attack
    -Added secondary ammo penalty at 70%

    Death Machine
    -Added quick fix like healing effect to rage (no more knockback from airblasts)

    The Back Scatter
    -Accuracy penalty changed from 40% -> 0%
    -Now shoots rockets
    -Added rocket speed bonus at 100%
    -Added movement speed penalty at 10%
    -Changed fire rate bonus from 35% -> 20%

    The Winger
    -Now shoots flares

    Tomorrow's class will be Pyro! Please send your suggestions to the freak feedback thread!

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    6/4/17 UPDATE! Focusing on Pyro!

    -Added vsh_casbah
    -Added vsh_horseshoe
    -Added vsh_fenced

    The Manmelter
    -Changed afterburn damage bonus from 200% -> 400%

    Sharpened Volcano Fragment
    -Added gain a speed boost on hit
    -Damage penalty changed from 50% -> 20%
    -Health bonus changed from 100 -> 0

    The Fire Axe
    -Added health bonus at 100

    The Flare Gun
    -Damage bonus changed from 50% -> 100%

    The Scorch Shot
    -Changed primary ammo penalty from 100% -> 50%

    The Back Burner
    -Added gain a speed boost on hit

    -The Liberty launcher
    -Changed +50% self damage on rocket jumping to +50% damage to self (also shows as a negative attribute)

    Tomorrow's class will be Demoman! Again, please post any suggestions you have!
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    6/5/17 Changes

    -Added no random critical hits to pistol

    The Direct Hit
    -Significantly increased Z velocity on damage (knocking upwards)

    Skeleton King
    -Fixed fireball

    One Punch Man
    -Rage threshold changed from 5000 -> 7500

    -Crit resistance changed from 50% -> 0%
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    Plugin Changes 06/05/2017
    I have installed a spectate plugin so that you can quickly snap to spectating a specific player as well as not loosing them when they die or change classes.

    To use the plugin simply type:
    sm_spectate playername

    24,000+ ​Player Teleports and rising!

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    6/6/17 Changes:

    The Back Scatter
    -Added full crits
    -Damage bonus changed from 4900% -> 1700%
    -Movement speed penalty changed from 90% -> 85%
    -Reload time reduction changed from 25% -> 10%
    -Fire rate bonus changed from 20% -> 0%
    Note: Still has knockback reduction, this is meant so that it doesn't function with crit-o-cola

    Stock Rocket Launcher
    -Reload speed penalty changed from 75% -> 50%

    The Liberty Launcher
    -Added wearer never takes falling damage (no longer double dipping on rocket damage)
    -Self push force bonus changed from 80% -> 100%
    -Added crits whenever it would normally mini crit
    -Damage bonus changed from 75% -> 25%

    Nightmare sniper
    -Readded, reworked
    -Minions now have 500 health each
    -Hale summons as many minions as living players
    -Teamkilling duration changed from 10 seconds -> 1 (can't fully disable it)
    -During rage, hale moves at 400 hammer units per second while players move at 350

    Counter Terrorist
    -Added while active, revolver gives an additional 60% knockback resistance
    -Gave minions ranged damage reduction at 25% (health increase only seems to work now)
    -Gave minions crit resistance at 90%
    -Changed minions spawned from 1 per alive player -> max of 15
    -Damage bonus on melee changed from 50% -> 0%
    -Added no random critical hits to revolver
    -Added no random critical hits to minion SMG
    Notes: In the past, CT has been one of the most powerful hales but due to new weapon changes, his kit hasn't been working that well, warranting these changes. I believe these will help the hale immensely.

    The Direct Hit
    -Added move speed bonus on wearer at 20%

    Christian Brutal Sniper
    -Given improved super jump

    Stock wrench
    -Firing speed penalty changed from 50% -> 75%

    The Diamondback
    -Now shoots rockets
    -Added wearer never takes falling damage
    -Added clip size penalty at 90%
    -Added bonus damage to self at 150%
    -Added reload speed penalty at 75%

    The Revolver
    -Now has the previous stats of the diamondback

    -Super jump changed to charge by holding reload instead of right click

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    6/7/17 Changes

    Radigan Conagher
    -Given improved super jump

    Solid Snek
    -Given improved super jump

    The Liberty Launcher
    -Damage bonus changed from 25% -> 75%

    The Holiday Punch
    -Added fire rate penalty at 200%

    The Direct Hit
    -Changed movement speed bonus from 20% -> 0%

    (Most) Spy knives
    -Movement speed bonus changed from 10% -> 0%

    The Sapper
    -Added movement speed bonus at 15%
    -Added secondary ammo penalty at 25%

    The Red-Tape Recorder
    -Added bonus secondary ammo at 100%
    -Added ammo regen per 5 seconds at 5%

    The Vaccinator
    -Movement speed penalty changed from 15% -> 0%
    -Added movement speed bonus at 15%

    The Quick-fix
    -Added crit resistance at 75%
    -Overheal bonus changed from 25% -> 0%

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    6/8/17 Changes

    -Added reload speed bonus to rescue ranger (rage weapon) at 50%
    -Added damage penalty to rescue ranger at 25%
    -Fixed no random crits on capper

    The Sapper
    -Secondary ammo penalty changed from 25% -> 50%

    Counter Terrorist
    -Fixed no random crits on pistol

    -Moved super jump back to alt-fire (right click by default)
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    6/9/17 Changes

    The Loose Cannon
    -Added reload speed bonus at 50%
    -Added wearer never takes falling damage
    -Added projectile speed bonus at 100%

    The Rocket Launcher
    -Reload penalty changed from 50% -> 30%
    -Health increase changed from 50 -> 75
    -Removed on hit: the target is engulfed in flames
    -Fixed no random critical hits

    The Enforcer
    -Fire rate bonus changed from 25% -> 40% (also fixed, now shows as a positive attribute)

    The Shortstop
    -Changed ammo bonus from 200% -> 400%
    -Added reload speed bonus at 25%

    The Flying Guillotine
    -Damage bonus changed from 300% -> 400%

    Scout's Pistol
    -Secondary ammo bonus changed from 300% -> 500%

    The Diamondback
    -Added Fire rate penalty at 200%
    -Added increase cloak drain rate at 2000%

    Radigan Conagher
    -Added 5 seconds of mini-crits on kill to rescue ranger
    -Added damage penalty to rescue ranger at 40%

    Baby Face's Blaster
    -Changed damage bonus from 125% -> 175%
    -Changed bullets per shot bonus from 125% -> 150%

    The Bottle
    -Added movement speed bonus at 20%

    The Razorback
    -Fire damage resistance changed from 50% -> 25%
    -Crit damage resistance changed from 50% -> 25%
    -Bullet damage resistance changed from 50% -> 25%
    -Explosive damage resistance changed from 50% -> 25%

    Counter Terrorist
    -Minion health changed from 250 -> 150

    Count Heavnich
    -Removed model enlargement (hopefully no more getting stuck)-Added mini-crits during rage

    The Winger
    -No longer shoots flares
    -Damage increase changed from 100% -> 200%

    -Added damage bonus to buildings to rescue ranger at 300%
    -Damage penalty on capper changed from 50% -> 70%

    The Scorch Shot
    -Fixed ammo penalty (now shows as a negative attribute)

    The Back Scatter
    -Damage bonus changed from 1700% -> 1400%

    -Removed !ff2boss
    Note: FF2boss was enabled for a while to help with balancing bosses. Now that the new ones have been settled in, it is being disabled until future notice.
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    6/10/17 Changes

    Daft Punk Duo
    -Rage threshold changed from 2000 -> 3500

    The Loose Cannon
    -Damage bonus changed from 600% -> 900%
    -Added splash radius increase at 100%

    Nightmare Medic
    -Changed initial rage damage from 100 -> 80
    -Changed afterburn duration from 8 seconds -> 10

    The Back Scatter
    -Added damage to self increase at 100%

    The Enforcer
    -Fire rate bonus changed from 40% -> 25%

    One Punch Man
    -Significantly reduced health

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    6/12/17 Changes

    Soldier's Shotgun
    -Bullets per shot bonus changed from 100% -> 50%

    The Baby-Face's Blaster
    -Accuracy penalty changed from 200% -> 100%
    -Fixed accuracy penalty (now shows negative)

    Sniper Rifle
    -Charge rate increase changed from 500% -> 700%

    Minigun and Huo Long Heater
    -Removed knockback reduction

    The Natascha
    -Fixed accuracy penalty (now shows negative)

    The Revolver
    -Fixed most skins

    The Air-strike
    -Added self damage increase at 20%

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