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    I was a idiot and accidentally deleted the entire changelog thread. I have the posts saved and will restore them tomorrow when I have time. For now though:

    The Monumental Update

    I am happy to present to you the largest update ever done to Freak at one time! It contains changes to all aspects of the server. Please send any feedback my way!

    Freak Leadership
    A lot of you have known about SirLolleth becoming Freak Advisor for some time now but now it's official! Please help me in welcoming him to his enslavement! The name of the update stands for the monumental moment of SirLolleth becoming Advisor as well as how huge of an update this is.

    I will be stepping back as the primary freak Advisor now that he is here but I will still be around as a secondary Advisor. We both plan on working together on Freak to bring you guys even more weapon changes and bosses!

    - The Doc Oc sound download at each map start has been fixed

    Donator Perks
    - You can now become a robot by using !robot or sm_robot
    - You now have immunity at the end of rounds, no more getting killed by those pesky hales that cap on you!
    - You can now set a join message

    AFK Manager
    - Fixed AFK kicking
    - Players are now moved to spectator after being idle for 3 minutes
    - Players are now kicked after being idle for 5 minutes
    - AFK kicking only happens if the server is at 30+ players

    Doc Oc
    - Move speed decreased from 380 -> 360
    - Slightly reduced his health

    Saxton Hale
    - Lunge ability cooldown increased from 5 seconds -> 8 seconds

    - Cloak rate recharge rate bonus changed from 200% -> 175%

    Radigan Conagher
    - Rescue Ranger damage penalty decreased from 60% -> 50%
    - Given the new super jump

    - Pompson damage bonus decreased from 250% -> 100%

    Nightmare Medic
    - Rage radius increased from 850 -> 1000

    Ninja Spy
    - Stun rage radius increased from 300 -> 500

    Christian Brutal Sniper

    - Stun rage radius increased from 350 -> 500

    Special thanks to Mr. Bojanglesworth for fixing, updating, and improving a lot of maps that are currently on the server. He's been a huge help and has been amazing. To honor his awesomeness all of the maps he has edited have been moved to the top of the nomination list.

    - Added vsh_jungle_beach_v2
    - Added vsh_brewery_v3
    - Updated vsh_farm_fued_v1 -> vsh_farm_fued_v2
    - Updated vsh_crevice_b11 -> vsh_crevice_b12
    - Updated vsh_reservoir_v2_fix -> vsh_reservoir_v3
    - Updated vsh_manncohq_v15 -> vsh_manncohq_v16
    - Updated vsh_bigrock_b4_ff -> vsh_bigrock_b6

    Liberty Launcher
    - Added 100% explosion radius bonus
    - Removed damage penalty


    - Fixed killstreaks/unusual/stranges
    - Fixed stats on all skinned variations

    - Given same stats as the Dalokoha's Bar


    - Removed blast radius reduction
    - Increased knockback penalty against hales
    - Rocket jump height bonus increased from 50% -> 80% to compensate for the "negative knockback" effect

    Quickiebomb Launcher

    - Added blast damage reduction at 75%
    - Increased damage bonus from 85% -> 100%

    - Increased damage bonus from 1000% -> 1200%

    The Classic

    - Changed to be a headshot focused weapon
    - Bodyshots now do no damage
    - Headshots now do 1600% damage
    - Can no longer be charged up

    The Loose Cannon
    - Removed all previous stats
    - Added stat: Blast damage to self reduced by 85%
    - Added stat: Minicrits become crits
    - Added stat: Damage bonus at 600%
    - Added stat: Clip size penalty at 75%

    Family Business
    - Increased damage bonus to 150%

    The Equalizer
    - Added stat: Damage increases as the user becomes injured
    - Damage bonus increased from 300% -> 800%

    Gloves of Running Urgently
    - Movespeed bonus reduced from 100% -> 90%

    - Melee range bonus increased from 300% -> 400%


    - Added stat: No fall damage

    - Added stat: No fall damage

    Crusader's Crossbow

    - Reload rate bonus increased from 85% -> 90%

    All changes were made on 05/25/2017.

    24,000+ ​Player Teleports and rising!

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    Hey, guys! My first changelog, just some small changes for now, but I'll try to keep the posts nice and short.

    The Escape plan
    - Movespeed bonus while active reduced from 75% -> 50%

    The Righteous Bison
    - Added 50% more primary ammo
    - Increased reload time
    - Removed damage bonus as it did nothing
    - Removed added fire rate

    Dahlokah's bar
    -Added +100% primary ammo
    -Added +20% movement speed bonus
    -Removed no primary ammo
    -Added -70% taunt speed
    -Removed health increase

    The Bootlegger
    -Added -70% decrease in self blast damage
    -Health increase reduced from 300 -> 150
    Note: The Ali Baba's wee booties have not been changed.

    -Temporarily removed vsh_jungle_beach_v2

    Changes were made on ​5/26/2017.
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    More small changes!

    Warrior's spirit
    Damage bonus reduced from 400% -> 100%

    Killing Gloves of Boxing
    Damage bonus increased from 150% -> 500%

    -Added honorbound

    Loose cannon
    -Fixed charging mechanic

    Big Kill
    -Now a reskin of the ambassador

    Tribalman's shiv
    -Added +300% afterburn damage bonus

    Quickiebomb Launcher
    -Added +100% splash radius
    -Added knockback reduction similar to the air strike
    -Added No fall damage on wearer
    -Added +40% self push force
    -Removed bombs fizzling away
    -Reduced damage bonus from +100% -> +50%

    The Bootlegger
    -Added +200% secondary ammo
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    Say hello to your new freak...



    As far as freaks go, Merasmus is one tough customer! He is by far the largest, but because of his magical magic (ooooooOOOoooo), only his legs are vulnerable! He attacks harder than most freaks, as well as his staff setting you on fire, so watch out!

    And that's not all! When he's angry, he bursts out in a cloud of flames, burning everyone near him! Protect your medics!

    Now get out there and stop Merasmus!
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    Lets give a warm welcome to......



    This hale has an appetite and a greed for weapons, so don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself with just your trusty pickaxe! He also yells at sentries while stealing these weapons, so make sure that you don't put too much faith in your machines!


    Misc changes:

    Scotsman's Skullcutter:
    -Increased charge recharge bonus from 35% -> 75%
    -Added reduced movement speed at -15%

    Gloves of Running Urgently
    -Speed bonus while active reduced from 90% -> 50%
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    2 in one day? Wow!



    This computer program was created with the sole purpose of purging threats. This time, that means the red team! He eliminates threats using a mixture of his knife, a strong pistol, and a sniping rescue ranger. Watch out, because a single headshot will really hurt!

    Go, and watch your back against this deadly computer firewall!

    Misc changes:

    Huo-long heater
    -Damage bonus changed from 10% -> 50%
    -Added knock back reduction similar to the air strike

    Electromaniac's pistol
    Fire speed increased by 50%
    Damage bonus changed from 0% -> -70%

    Solid Snek
    -Melee damage bonus increased to +300% total
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    "I'm just a hero for fun..."


    Saitama, after years of training, has trained so hard that his hair has fallen out and he has gained unimaginable power. When he starts coming your way, you better move! He can shrug off any form of knockback and kill you just by the sheer impact!

    Go out there and show Saitama what you're made of!
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    But wait, there's more!

    "I'm a freakin death machine!"



    Wielding his katana, DeathMachine cuts a path through the red team, able to slow down time both at will and whenever he gets knocked down (loses a life)! Just when you think you finished him, he gets a second wind!

    Just try to stop him!
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    "Calculating chance of enemy victory... Result: 2.6574%"



    Fast. Strong. Soldine is on his way, and you don't want to be in it.

    Note: Doesn't have a rage, has replaced Undead Sanic for now.

    Big notice:

    Most (if not all) hales now have at least +30% knockback reduction. Go get 'em! If you see a hale without the reduction, please say so in the feedback thread. Thank you all for playing and continuing to come back!
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    Quick list of bosses added as of 5/28/17, will make full posts "welcoming" them later. Thanks for all of your support!

    Count Heavnich
    f2p demo and f2p soldier
    daft punk duo
    Shadow Thief
    Some Clean Trash
    Zombie Soldier
    Combat Soldier
    Gang Plank
    Ass Pancakes
    Bad ass engineer

    I never sleep

    Misc changes:

    Killing gloves of boxing
    -Removed movement speed bonus

    Ninja Spy
    -Temporarily removed
    Last edited by SirLolleth; 05-28-2017 at 02:08 AM.

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