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  • I like Teamspeak, and would never use Discord if RXG switched to it.

    8 14.04%
  • I like Discord, and would not be opposed to getting rid of Teamspeak.

    23 40.35%
  • I am open to either option, and will use whatever platform RXG chooses.

    23 40.35%
  • I am not interested in RXG voice comm. servers.

    3 5.26%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dackadoo View Post
    Oh really fancy? What happened to mumble then?
    I'm getting real sick of your shit Dackadoo. You are consistently and constantly provoking arguments about whatever you can possibly think of or is currently being discussed.

    Things like saying you're going to leave rxg if we move to Discord or by starting Overwatch VS TF2 arguments for no reason other to get a riot out of people or posting unneeded Trump quoutes or provoking people in TS.

    We are a community. We are here to make friends and have fun. Constantly irritating people and inciting arguments goes against everything we stand for.

    Stop being an edgy teenager and stop with the bullshit, and just play the game and have fun.

    24,000+ ​Player Teleports and rising!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dackadoo View Post
    Oh really fancy? What happened to mumble then?
    >ignores articles to reference Mumble, which is still alive


    please, just actually try to consider others's reasoning like we have considered your's.

    i don't wanna argue, but if you're gonna keep doing this, i'm afraid that i might get more brash if you defiantly ignore literally all sort of reason and research, as presented by various other members of our community.
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    I'd just like to say that this article is pretty wrong on some things and opinionated on others, and is not showing the truth of it.

    Not a con, that's just a business practice, and the author seems against investment altogether, which is how companies operate.

    > Discord has to host all of these files - if you want to transfer something bigger, use a file hosting service.
    > Literally an opinion, not a fact
    > Never had a problem with latency, the author likely just has shitty internet
    > Again, an opinion

    > A restart is not required to fix, and it doesn't really drop out as often as the author might think
    > It doesnt have a plugin system but it does have server mods and a very rich and configurable API, which is arguably even more customizable than Teamspeak
    > This is a result of poor latency, which is different for every person
    > On my server there is about a 100ms delay, but that doesn't ever affect gameplay
    > ?????
    > Just download the desktop client
    > It doesn't need positional audio because it's not a FPS, it's an IRC client. Positional audio isnt a feature of chat clients.
    > It actually uses the same amount of bandwidth as TS
    > As stated previously the API makes the permission system potentially limitless
    > Having to reinstall software because you have connection issues brings into question their credibility

    I could go on but you get the picture, most of these facts are actually opinions and many of them are just plain wrong
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