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    Hale Name Has Headbox Animation Set Image Hale Tips
    Beepman Yes Animation Set: Engineer Hale Tip: Beepman can hack enemy sentries for 30 rage.
    Bionic Commando Yes Animation Set: Engineer Hale Tip:
    Bonk Boy Yes Animation Set: Scout Hale Tip:
    Christian Brutal Sniper Yes Animation Set: Sniper Hale Tip:
    Combat Soldier ??? Animation Set: Soldier Hale Tip:
    Count Heavnich
    ⤷ Minions
    Animation Set: Heavy Hale Tip:
    Counter Terrorist
    ⤷ Minions
    ??? Hale Tip: Hold R
    to summon
    sniper minions.
    Death Machine Yes Animation Set: Scout Hale Tip: While ragging,
    melee length is doubled
    and you are immune
    to ranged damage.
    Demopan Yes Hale Tip:
    Dr. Octogon Yes Hale Tip:
    Easter Bunny Yes Hale Tip:
    Electromaniac Yes Hale Tip:
    F2P Duo Yes
    Hale Tip:
    Gaben Yes Animation Set: Heavy Hale Tip:
    Genji Yes Animation Set:
    Hale Tip:
    L4D Bill Yes Hale Tip:
    Nightmare Medic Yes Hale Tip:
    Nightmare Sniper ??? Hale Tip:
    One Punch Man ??? Hale Tip:
    Radigan Yes Hale Tip:
    ⤷ Minions
    Hale Tip: Press R and
    Alt Fire to summon
    Saxton Hale Yes Hale Tip:
    Serious Sam Yes Animation Set: Heavy Hale Tip:
    ⤷ Minions
    Hale Tip:
    Skeleton King Yes Hale Tip:
    Soldine ??? Hale Tip:
    Solid Snek ??? Hale Tip: Press Reload to gain
    a grenade launcher at the cost
    of Rage.
    Tavish Finnegan DeGroot Yes Hale Tip:
    Xyro ??? Animation Set: Pyro Hale Tip: Xyro's rage is a
    detonator, not a flare gun. If
    you right click/alt fire, it will
    deal damage in a large area.
    Zerstorer Yes Hale Tip: Zersorer gains
    damage reduction while
    raging, however this
    reduction is lost if you
    switch to the ranged
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    Thank you.

    But why would any of them not have headshot hitboxes? that doesn't make any sense.
    I'm really trying not to be obnoxious

    it's not working

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nope Le Engineer View Post
    Thank you.

    But why would any of them not have headshot hitboxes? that doesn't make any sense.
    When the hitboxes are not made manually (i.e. automatically generated), every hitbox is the same, as it doesn't know where the head would be so it plays it safe and puts everything as a normal hitbox. Changing it requires changing the .qc file which contains manual hitbox code and re-generating it and applying it to the model on the server. I'm working on the .qc file, but I'm not sure if it will work.

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    Easter Bunny does have a headshot hitbox.
    Death Machine does not have a headshot hitbox.
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    Also, Counter Terrorist does not have one.
    In the end, the Duck Hunt Dog always gets the last laugh... whether or not you shot the damn duck.

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    The easiest way to fix the .qc code to my understanding is to manually fix the hit boxes in the model viewer bone editor and then generate the new .qc code using that.
    Bad Box

    Good Box: I did some quick grouping and resizing fixes so there wouldn't be as much clipping, but it's still not ideal

    If you're actually doing some fixing for the headboxes now i think i can help you out with the qr. codes, im not 100% sure this will work but it's my edit for OPM, you will want to straight up want to delete and current hbox settings and just replace it with this..

    // .qc block generated by HLMV begins.

    $surfaceprop "flesh"

    $hboxset "default"

    $hbox 7 "bip_hip_R" -9.09 -2.72 -7.21 14.09 9.42 2.29
    $hbox 7 "bip_knee_R" -2.21 -2.77 -5.10 17.10 2.95 2.25
    $hbox 7 "bip_foot_R" -1.53 -0.19 -4.16 2.87 11.04 4.78
    $hbox 3 "bip_spine_1" -9.50 -4.50 -6.50 9.50 10.50 6.50
    $hbox 2 "bip_spine_2" -10.00 -5.39 -5.84 10.00 9.35 7.99
    $hbox 1 "bip_neck" -4.07 -10.36 -4.39 4.07 3.47 4.15
    $hbox 4 "bip_upperArm_L" -5.59 -4.08 -2.20 11.41 4.60 8.27
    $hbox 4 "bip_lowerArm_L" -0.53 -1.96 -1.85 12.29 1.98 1.83
    $hbox 4 "bip_hand_L" -2.48 -4.98 -2.76 1.26 0.01 2.26
    $hbox 5 "bip_upperArm_R" -4.37 -4.42 -2.71 11.41 3.50 7.44
    $hbox 5 "bip_lowerArm_R" -8.28 -3.39 -2.55 12.20 2.27 1.61
    $hbox 5 "bip_hand_R" -1.13 0.00 -3.17 2.76 7.84 1.96
    $hbox 6 "bip_hip_L" -8.97 -9.12 -7.21 13.97 3.08 2.29
    $hbox 6 "bip_knee_L" -2.19 -2.60 -5.15 17.10 3.04 2.34
    $hbox 6 "bip_foot_L" -2.55 -11.14 -4.70 1.82 0.06 4.33

    // .qc block generated by HLMV ends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahniji View Post
    That's basically what I did, but the current model files (at least the ones I saw) didn't have an included .qc file so I made one and placed it along with the normal files but I'm not sure if that will work as I've never done anything like this before, and HLMV won't let me just save the model after the changes cause ya know, source

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    Well there's nothing like some live testing, and i assumed that not being able to save changes was only an issue when editing .mdl files were not local, im only assuming here of course since i've never managed server side resources but i would imagine the download packages would be editable. *shrugs*
    -Combat Soilder: NO
    -DaftPunks: NO
    -Fem Scout: YES
    -Electromaniac: NO
    -Serious Sam: YES
    -Snek: NO
    -Soildine: NO

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    I appreciate what everyone's doing here. Thanks Lolleth, Kahniji, Para, Cheech, and Nope for all the inputs.
    Hoping I'll see a day where I can headshot Snek.

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    Tip: Easiest way to tell if a Hale has a headbox or not is with the Ambassador or the Classic. If you notice one of these Hales' headbox is wrong feel free to let me know here or on the TF2 Discord.

    The True and Best stats of a rabbit.

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