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    Hey everyone! Just wanted to make a thread with some good loadouts in case you're looking for something new to do in Freak, or just don't know where to start! Also a good place to share any loadouts that you think are good.


    Milk Scout
    -The Shortstop
    -The Mad Milk
    -The Atomizer / Sandman

    The mad milk gives the shortstop crits if you hit the hale with it, and lets you do some decent damage.


    Shovel Knight
    -The Black Box
    -The Bison / Concheror
    -The Shovel

    Using the bison gives you a bigger initial speed and slightly more health, but using the concheror gives you a lot more health regen and a buff that gives your team health steal and movement speed.


    Manmelter Pyro
    -The Degreaser
    -The Manmelter
    -The Powerjack

    The manmelter doing 45 damage per fire tick does some very good damage over time (as long as someone doesn't overwrite your fire effect!)


    Stickybomb Demo
    -The Booties / Bootlegger
    -The Stickybomb Launcher
    -The Pain Train

    Stay away from the hale and lob grenade after grenade.


    Tank Heavy
    -The Minigun
    -The Dahlokah's Bar
    -The Warrior's Spirit

    With 600 health, 25% melee and ranged resistance (while the minigun is out), 15 health regenerated per second, and 10 health per minigun hit, the tank heavy is the best loadout in Freak if you want to sit and take hit after hit, but you still need to be careful of rages and crits!


    Damage Engineer

    -The Frontier Justice
    -The Short Circuit
    -The Wrench

    When your sentry (who's range has been doubled but fires much slower) targets the hale, your frontier justice deals critical damage, doing more damage then a sentry ever could.


    Medic Knight
    -The Blutsauger
    -The Vaccinator
    -The Solemn Vow

    With a very fast movement speed, 75% crit resistance, much more health regen, and dealing 975 damage per hit, the medic knight is a very tough loadout.


    Bazaar Sniper
    -The Bazaar Bargain
    -The Cozy Camper
    -The Kukri

    Your classic sniper, use your kukri to get to a high place and start laying into the hale.


    Revolver Spy
    -The Revolver / The Enforcer
    -Your Eternal Reward
    -The Dead Ringer
    -The Red-Tape Recorder

    Rather than rely on backstabs, the revolver spy with the stock revolver can deal good damage at any range, while the enforcer variant needs to get a bit closer, but can do an extreme amount of damage in a short amount of time.

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    good idea.

    Backburner Pyro:
    - Backburner
    - Scorch Shot
    - Fire Axe

    Bulky, and speed is gotten from attacking the Hale. Low ammo. Extreme damage output if played correctly.

    Shotgun Soldier/Medium Scout:

    - Black Box
    - Shotgun
    - Pain Train

    Shotgun Soldier. Kinda fun, about as good as a Scout in terms of DPS.

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    Sodapopper Scout:
    - Sodapopper
    - Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
    - Candy Cane

    Can survive a hit and deals good DPS close range.

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    Weeb Knight
    -The Black Box
    -The Concheror
    -The Half Zatoichi

    Same functionality as the Shovel Knight, except you get a massive amount of HP back on hit, making you rather hard to kill without explosives (for example, Seeman and Zerestorer), random crits (and I would be lying if I said I didn't get salty due to dying to crits 7 times in a row), unless you're one of those high damage hales like Soldine and Nightmare Medic. Also, you get to use the weeb stick.

    -The Airstrike
    -The Gunboats
    -The Escape Plan

    As the name implies, this loadout should only really be used if you like ruining fun. Okay, but in all seriousness though, this weapon can easily send the hale flying across the map. Doesn't really make it all that fun for other players. (at least in my opinion)


    Flying Pyroknight
    -The Degreaser
    -The Detonator
    -The Homewrecker

    Fly around the map using the detonator, switch to the homewrecker and get a few hits in, then fly away with the detonator. Rinse and repeat a few times and you should be able to get around 10k damage each round.


    -The Bootlegger
    -The Charge 'n Targe
    -The Frying Pan/Golden Frying Pan (Preferably the Frying Pan)



    S.N.I.A Piece of Piss
    -The Sydney Sleeper
    -The Cozy Camper
    -The Kukri

    Now PISS is a nice weapon... just backpedal while firing the piss rifle at the hale and you will almost always do well.


    9 lives
    -The Big Earner
    -The Dead Ringer
    -The Red-Tape Recorder

    "True heroes never die"

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    Scout: FeelsAimMan (annoyings loudout) Stock scattergun, Crit-a-Cola, Sandman.
    For the aim talented with a side of stun support for the save or mooners while staying at a decent distance to avoid being targeted. Great for single bosses and ones without a stun immune rage. Minion bosses it may struggle against but again meant for people with good aim.

    Pyro: Fireman's wrath Degreaser, Scorch Shot, axtinguisher. Good with melee? Have a hale that can be set on fire? Letem burn then swing for 1.3k of damage while on fire. still does decent damage even if they aren't on fire and you have a small hop option with scorch shot or pushback with degreaser while getting a little bit extra hp.

    Engineer: Rapido Sentrio Pomson, short-circuit (evasive maneuvers) wrangler (damage), Jag. Speed bonus from both jag and pomson with an amplifier and without rage most hales without or little knockback resistance will be forced to pop rage in order to get that sentry. Great for pulling sneaky caps or just being annoying and wasting a rage.
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    Candy Cane, Atomizer, or Sandman

    The Scoutborn set is primarily focusing on one gimmick: The FaN's high damage output up close. Hiding, drinking the soda, and then getting behind the hale and hitting them with the blast will easily give you 2k or more if you hit all your bullets. Does okay at Medium Range but suffers at Long Range. Candy Cane helps with survival while Atomizer or Sandman can help with Escape.


    Original or Stock Rocket Launcher
    Righteous Bison
    Escape Plan

    The Kaboom set, as I call it, focuses on the high damage output of the Stock Rocket Launcher. Using the speed of the Bison plus the Escape Plan can let you easily escape slower Hales, while using your rockets to knock the Hale Upwards or Backwards long enough for a Rocket Jump Escape. Be careful, your Reload is slow and you only get 34 rockets.

    The Flare King
    Flare Gun

    Like setting players on fire? Know the Hale is not immune to fire? Like sitting back from afar? The Flare King is the loadout for you. With a barrage of 320 flares at his disposal, his only worry is Minion Hales. The Fireaxe gives him enough health to survive a non-crit attack from most Hales while the Degreaser gives health Regen and an airblast escape. Most Hales won't even target you if you can aim well, since you'll be knocking the Hale around with the mass of flares anyways.

    Scottish Cannon
    Booties or Bootlegger
    Splendid Screen
    Scotsman's Skullcutter

    This set works best if you can get some healing. While you are guaranteed to survive a hit or two, you lack the health steal of the Eyelander or Half-Zatoichi. But the trade-off is substantial in 1k+ Melee Swings. Just get a charge in and swing for massive amounts of damage, and hope you survive long enough to get that sweet 9k+ that everyone desires.

    Fat Mac
    Buffalo Steak Sandvich
    Killing Gloves of Boxing

    The Fat Mac in its base form is your good old Heavyknight. But he's fast and bulky enough to survive a hit. Each swing does a little over 1k and has a range around the same as the basic Disciplinary Action. This works best with a Medic or Hit and Run tactics, as your Health Regen from the Buffalo Steak isn't fast enough to heal after every attack.

    I don't have any helpful set for the Engineer, he's kinda Self-Explanatory.

    Uber Lord
    Syringe Gun
    Vita-saw or Amputator

    The Uber Lord is your basic Stock Medic, except with the Uber Gain of the Stock Syringe Gun, he can get ubers pretty quickly. If he's focused upon he won't last long, but if you leave him alone he'll be ruining the Hale's day with 3+ Ubers every round. Works best with Melee Based Sets or the Tank Heavy said in the OP.

    Hitman's Heatmaker
    Darwin's Danger Shield
    Tribalman's Shiv

    The TribalKnight is a slower, slightly bulkier version of the Fat Mac. With 475 HP and up to 25 HP Regen, the TribalKnight is a monster when not dealt with. Each swing does around 800 damage, but causes Burn and Bleed that can do more if the TribalKnight happens to get Minicrits or Crits from an outside source, such as Buff Banner, Being one of last 2 alive, or Amplifier. The Minicrits and Crits do not buff the base swing however, so it's best to take advantage by swinging and running to an Amplifier for extra damage. Each Swing, counting Crit-less Burn and Bleed, can do 1400 damage. TribalKnight works best with Uber Lord for the Invincibility, as he cannot last longer than one hit.

    I have no sets for the Spy, there are really only three sets for him and they are all already said.

    Spy needs more strats...

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    Dio Scout

    Flying Gulliote

    As the name suggests, it is related to Dio, mostly throwing excessive cleavers. Anywoo, the Shortstop is mostly used as a supplement, for survivabilty. The Gulliote and the Sun Stick combo great together since the cleaver ignites enemies and the Sun Stick deals insane damage on burning foes. Great for Scout who have great accuracy on projectiles and melee whilst also dealing tons of damage.

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    Tank Medic (all-purpose)
    -The Blutsauger
    -The Kritskrieg
    -The Vita-saw

    This is my default loadout. With these weapons you reach 450 health, move faster, and get great resistances, which helps a lot to survive most hales in most maps. You can go for the Medi Gun and get more health (100), but you'll lose resistances.

    Tank/Support Medic (for big maps)
    -The Crusader's Crossbow
    -The Kritskrieg
    -The Vita-saw

    I use this loadout for big maps, like Tower of Peril. With these weapons you reach 325 health and get great resistances, which helps to tank for a while, but you can also easily heal teammates from afar with the crossbow when needed.

    Jumpy Medic (for maps where you must jump a lot)
    -The Blutsauger / The Crusader's Crossbow
    -The Kritskrieg
    -The Amputator

    I use this loadout for maps with a lot of plataforms, like Megaman. Depending on your choice of primary weapon, you can get up to 325 health (if you go for the crossbow to heal teammates from afar, you'll be left with only 200 health) and great resistances, but you'll also be able to jump higher and won't ever get falling damage.

    Battle/Quick Support Medic (for the lulz)

    -The Overdose
    -The Quick-fix
    -The Solemn Vow

    I almost never use this loadout, since I like to support instead of fighting when I go medic. With these weapons you can deal a nice amount of damage, and also quickly heal dying teammates with the quick-fix's health rate bonus; Nonetheless, you'll be pretty weak, since you'll only reach 200 health (you'll get crit resistance tho, and will never take falling damage).

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    The Fattest Scout
    -Huo-Long Heater
    -Family Business
    -Stock Fists

    This loadout is great for the fat scouts that want to traverse the map with ease. Since the Huo-Long Heater gives you a passive 15% increase in movement speed, your normal movement speed goes from being 77%, to 92%! To add onto this, the stock fists, upon being active, give you a 100% increase in jump height. This can allow you to make farther and higher jumps so you can reach higher areas in a shorter amount of time. Finally, we have he Family Business. This weapon can make or break you. Use it only when you are certain you can get a good shot on the Hale. It deals a lot of damage up close, so be careful when you close in on the Hale for a clean shot.

    If you want to evade attacks by the Hale and fight back as well, then perform the Q Combo. Before performing the Q Combo, make sure that you are able to quick switch between your secondary weapon and your melee weapon. Now, When the Hale gets too close for comfort, you can quickly switch to your melee weapon, jump (whilst evading attacks), and switch back to your secondary weapon and fire while you have the chance. Simplified, it is Q, SPACEBAR, Q, then fire. This may not work every time, but it is very effective when it works. Also, make sure to look for an escape route to take if you think you cannot win the fight.
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    "NOT THE CRITS!!!" Medic

    One hit with the ubersaw and you can activate infinite crits on the Vacc. Plus, the Vacc is really good due to it's resistances that you can still provide with it, which makes CT into a piece of cake since the minions can't really damage you. The resistances tend to shut down bosses like Doc Octo, who uses a pistol for his rage, and Xyro, whose Super Detonator can't really damage you if you're using the resistances well. The crits that the weapon provides works well with many strategies.

    My suggestion for people to pocket are people with either high-damage weapons without crits such as the Ambassador or Natascha, or someone who is skilled enough to dodge the hale's attacks and is using another weapon. Spies and Heavies in general are good to heal because they can provide lots of damage to the team. Demomen and Soldiers would be next on the list, as they are generally more reliable pockets, just watch out for Soldiers that just jump away using the Liberty Launcher or Beggar's Bazooka. Scouts with the Force-A-Nature are also good to pocket as their damage goes through the roof with crits. Other Medics, Snipers, Pyros, and Engineers tend to not be so good for pocketing as their damage either comes through already-provided crits, or they are barely benefited by the crits provided (Engineers don't have a reliable source of damage outside of their sentries so healing them is the worst choice).
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