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    So, I've noticed that most stickied threads end up locked and unstickied if they become irrelevant or unused, and others just never get replied to and slide pages into the forums.

    Is there a way as a user to delete a thread you've made, lock a thread you've made, or anything along those lines? I figured this would be a pretty useful feature for users if they're looking to delete an irrelevant thread or perhaps something they regret posting.

    Additionally, why don't you just delete unused threads or archive them in a seperate part of the forums so they don't clutter up along with relevant threads?

    I also noticed that when you move threads, it still takes up the spot it was designated to prior to being moved, and also wondered why you didn't just clear the thread as well.

    I've been meaning to ask this question for a while now but I was unsure what the response would be, because I figured you all had a system in place that had already questioned these ideas.

    Did not think this was something that only leadership had to see so I posted it here so everyone could input.

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