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    Quote Originally Posted by -W3E- Pokeking View Post
    6 melee hits? Yeah, might as well use the Ubersaw instead. Also, I know the pomson got changed recently to fire cow mangler shots, but it's only doing 8-2 damage, which means it's genuinely useless. And the Crit-a-cola/Backscatter combo needs nerfing somehow, as it's getting abused like a punching bag and scouts are one-shotting anyone with less than 215 health at mid range. Perhaps instead it no longer changes mini-crits to full, and instead deals a 2.75x damage bonus to target's backs?
    On the matter of the vita-saw, it doesn't use the organ mechanic on Mayhem, it's purpose is to knock people away. I changed it to that because the change valve did to it completely broke it's old functionality.

    With the backscatter idea, that's a good idea, so I'll edit it's stats.

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