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    So I recently I acquired two unusual hats and they look pretty nice. Please leave a comment below tell me what are your opinion on unusual, are they really worth the "investment"? are they waste of money? and lastly please make list of your favorite unusual effects.

    Here are my top ten:
    1.) Nebula
    2.) Burning flames/scorching flames
    3.) Disco Beatdown
    4.) Sunbeams
    5.) Blizzards Storm
    6.) Starstorm insomnia/slumber
    7.) Tesla Coil
    8.) Miami lights
    9.) Time Warp
    10.) Cloud 9

    I personally don't think unusual are waste of money and I think by spending money on tf2 unusual is a way of supporting the community. Of course you should NOT spend hundreds and thousands of money on virtual items but if you have like a hundred dollars laying around, I mean why the hell not. TF2 the one and only hat simulator, hats are love, hats are life.

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    you know i have almost 2000 hours in this but i just cant justify spending $50 or more on one item that isnt an eviction notice. Its not that I cant afford it necessarily or even that it wouldnt bring me $50 worth of satisfaction, but I feel like if I start with one class then Ill need one for every class, which will put a severe dent in my eviction notice weekly income.

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    Personal favorites of mine include:

    White Energy (Green + Purple Energy)
    Blizzardy/Stormy Storm
    Hellfire/Demonflame/Darkblaze (All together they look really nice)
    Molten Mallard

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