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    I will be recording the adventures of the RXG clan, as we go undercover into the wonderful world of Rust.

    The players this week are, Yellowshade, Charly, Champ, Fancy, Rakist, Railroad AKA: Critikal, Dooby Skoo, and Bojangles.

    a quick recap of the previous weeks' adventure:

    -Champ learns how to play guitar, gets immediately shot in the face by Yellowshade
    -Yellowshade triggered a Marine by telling him to eat shit
    -Marine comes back with 4 other guys, attempts to raid base for 4 hours
    -RXG relocates north, begins warring with every rival clan
    -within a day, the base is covered in penises
    -Yellowshade plants dozens of landmines outside someones door, blows himself up in the process
    -Somehow, Rakist planted a shotgun trap that is agressive to the entire team
    -Fancy performs Ritual Warfare, almost kills a fully geared player, with a mace
    -Yellowshade triggers Marine again
    -Charly and Yellowshade make life a living hell for everyone on the server
    -Rakist channels his inner arsonist, kills two men by posing as a room service maid : begins wacky Avatar-styled loyalty triangle with a female Twitch streamer

    What will happen next week? Stay tuned to find out!

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    Yellowshade a top tier troll? Find out next week!
    In the end, the Duck Hunt Dog always gets the last laugh... whether or not you shot the damn duck.

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    "-RXG relocates north, begins warring with every rival clan" allies? who needs them
    Did you know that

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    because everyone forgot about this I'm gonna post all the records that me and dooby made:

    - 11/06/2017:
    Tonight on Rust:
    1. CryHoss is birthed... gets shot by a helicopter.
    2. Charly goes to an airdrop and gets shot at by the one and only dirtyhooker, Charly wins.
    3. Charly uses the key dirtyhooker dropped to break into his base and kill him over and over.
    4. Charly leaves dirtyhooker all his stuff and returns to base.
    5. War with dirtyhooker has begun.
    6. More drops, more dirtyhooker deaths.
    7. People get shot at by helicopter.
    8. Cryhoss makes the NEGATIVE IQ play by dying by starving with food on him.
    9. Rakist makes prison cells, traps Bojangles for a minute.
    10. Rakist builds fighting arena. and that's all i have to say about that


    1. CryHoss and Dooby Skoo smelted all the ores.
    2. Charly,YellowStone,Rakist,Lizardo and CryHoss were adventuring the world.
    3. charly found a base so yellow and rakist agreed to raid it.
    4. all of us spended like an an hour hiding and making a raid base near it.
    5. Dooby and bojangles joined the raid.
    6. we started the raid YellowStone attacked from above because they didnt protect it.
    7. we started planting C4's and opening closed doors.
    8. YellowStone killed them all and he almost dies in every kill.
    9. the base had stacks of high quilty metal and alot of guns and resources and we learned fom them that there is fish/fishing in the game.
    10. we started taking all of their stuff and putting them in the raid base and CryHoss marked it by a huge Eat Pant sign.
    11. we became rich and upgraded the base with we i mean Rakist.
    12. we all finished transfering the items and rakst wanted to use the gladiator arena.
    13. Lizardo and Cry accepted and we all throwed all of our items even clothes and fought with rocks.
    14. Lizardo made bone knife and spear our of Cry and rakist dead bodies.
    15. all of us started doing it and it ended with bloodshed.

    and the last bit of the things that happened :

    1- king_slayer and dirtyhooker thought we are kids and tryed the common kids passwords on our doors. worked our password was 6969.
    3.we lost our base and king_slayer changed the password we started thinking of ideas to get our base back.
    4.CryHoss got some brain cells and took all the ammo from the turrets in the back of the base and used them to fill the turrets near the base door.
    5.king_slayer exited the base and got killed by the turrets and CryHoss and DobbySkoo got his stuff to survive.
    6.DoobySkoo Made a joke and said "what if one of us changes his name to dirty hooker and trick king_slayer to tell him the new password for the base".
    7.CryHoss did the unbelievable and did it and it worked and we got the password for our base back.
    8.CryHoss tricked King_slayer to tell him his base password and he did and we all raided his base when he was gone.
    9.CryHoss killed king_slayer and his team-mates so it will say dirty hooker killed them.
    10.we destroyed their base and left on a good raid and revenge.
    11.RXG killed the server and no one was able to conquer us.

    now we are searching for another server to kill...

    what a good end to a shity team
    Did you know that

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    Can't believe you managed to trick that guy into giving your the password like that. This kind of stuff never works for me.

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