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    I will be recording the adventures of the RXG clan, as we go undercover into the wonderful world of Rust.

    The players this week are, Yellowshade, Charly, Champ, Fancy, Rakist, Railroad AKA: Critikal, Dooby Skoo, and Bojangles.

    a quick recap of the previous weeks' adventure:

    -Champ learns how to play guitar, gets immediately shot in the face by Yellowshade
    -Yellowshade triggered a Marine by telling him to eat shit
    -Marine comes back with 4 other guys, attempts to raid base for 4 hours
    -RXG relocates north, begins warring with every rival clan
    -within a day, the base is covered in penises
    -Yellowshade plants dozens of landmines outside someones door, blows himself up in the process
    -Somehow, Rakist planted a shotgun trap that is agressive to the entire team
    -Fancy performs Ritual Warfare, almost kills a fully geared player, with a mace
    -Yellowshade triggers Marine again
    -Charly and Yellowshade make life a living hell for everyone on the server
    -Rakist channels his inner arsonist, kills two men by posing as a room service maid : begins wacky Avatar-styled loyalty triangle with a female Twitch streamer

    What will happen next week? Stay tuned to find out!

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