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    1. In-game name: A Raptor Petting Zoo
    2. Real name: James
    3. Age: 17 & 1/2
    4. What division of rxg are you joining: tf2
    5. Have you linked your steam account to your forum account: Yes
    6. Who asked you to join: ---
    7. A little about you: original account was taken by my brother, have about 2.5k hours across the 2 accounts.

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    Hi James!

    Thank you for your application. Please join our discord server ( and post in the "looking-for-interview" channel a link to your application. A member of leadership will contact you for an interview.

    The True and Best stats of a rabbit.

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    Welcome to Reflex, Raptor!
    Thank you for applying to Reflex Gamers! Your application has been approved, and you are now an official member!
    Please read the following for more information!

    • Tag: Reflex's in-game tag is: rxg | [Name]. Your in game name should match your forum name, but if you have a problem doing this contact a member of leadership. Wear your tag proudly. It denotes you from the rest!
    • Membership Tag: Now that you have been accepted to Reflex Gamers, QAC leadership will update your membership status shortly.
    • Rules: Please read, and follow all of the Server & Forum Rules. By playing on Reflex servers, and registering on the forums, you have agreed to these rules.
    • Read the stickies: At the top of boards in the forums, you may see threads called stickies. These contain important information, so please read them thoroughly and ensure you understand them!
    • Stay active: This may seem obvious, and that's because it is! Keep up-to-date by checking the forums regularly for news & information, and keep playing in game in order to keep Reflex going!
    • Keep in touch: Post on the forums, and join our TeamSpeak server! Server information is below. We also have a Steam group: click here to go to our page!
    • Earning Admin: Here at Reflex Gamers, we give out admin for free, once you've earned it of course! We look for a few key elements when selecting our admins, including consistent activity in-game, on the forums, and in TeamSpeak if possible! We also are looking for loyalty and dedication within the community. Don't expect to get promoted right off the bat, as we are looking for admins who will be active and helpful long term, and not become inactive once they receive a promotion! However, if you show you really want to help out, and stay active, it could be your name on that next promotion list!
    • Need more help? Feel free to contact any admin or member of leadership if you have any questions or concerns. A list of leadership members can be found on our official Leadership Roster.

    TeamSpeak Server Information: Address: Password: No password!

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    Welcome to RXG! Glad to see you join!

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    Eyy, welcome aboard RXG!

    The True and Best stats of a rabbit.

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    Welcome to RXG!

    rxg | Sequel Sentry: I wrote a book called "Hard Core"
    rxg | Sequel Sentry: it was about my abs

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    Welcome to rxg. If you're a mayhem player, don't forget your free gift basket from the store. Just say !store in chat while in mayhem, and go from there!

    I'm going to call you Raptor, because your full name is pretty long.

    Hey! Hey you! If you're working on a project, and you want help, message me! Don't be shy! I'm the guy to ask!

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