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    Quote Originally Posted by Mechapyro 71 (Codex) View Post
    I do apologize for the harshness, I will keep a calmer head in the future.

    Yes, I do agree most of the hales are a lot more mobile than they used to be months/years ago. I mean hell, you can just reach red spawn (depending on the map) within a matter of seconds of the round starting.

    Mobility, in my opinion, has been the bane of keeping balance on the Freak Server.

    Soldine was practically nerfed because people kept abusing the super jump cooldown, making it practically impossible for RED to catch him easily.

    Not to mention all the weapons that increase jump height, making catching classes a bit more difficult as the hale. EX: Amputator, stock fists, etc.

    Soldier, in general, has weapons that make him easily able to hit and run. Keeping his distance while dealing damage.
    As much as I hate chasing down soldiers, it was kinda fun to play Cat and Mouse when he's almost the last guy. But most people disagree heavily and rather see him nerfed to have shorter rounds. There are plenty of other reasons why I'm just slowly sliding away from Freak Fortress in general.

    And I don't want that to happen, Freak is a home for me.

    Mecha, please keep all discussions here civil. This is a community forum, not a debate team. You've said you'll "Try to keep a calmer head in the future", but this is your official warning. I will not hesitate to lock this thread, as well as give a punishment in game. Our rules still apply on the forums, and being respectful is one of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mechapyro 71 (Codex) View Post
    I heavily disagree.
    Hue hue hue, heavily. Sorry to bring this thread into chaos, I already knew how absurd that would be to have that. The last thing we need is a heavy to have hardcore knockback as tank as he is. What do you think the Natascha was made for? :P

    I'm a little distraught at a mother truckin ROCKET JUMPING SPY though. They can already cloak, a rocket jump is a bit spooky for him. I can just imagine a backstab, "thank you" spam, and then a nice Team Rocket blasting off again moment isn't the most balanced thing we can do. We must prevail over this evil! Not to mention the scout, but we will save that peace of work for another day.

    I hope to see Cheech around mayhem though, maybe we can rebalance soon. I don't know what to expect given the year away, but it doesn't sound like a good egg.

    PS I love to see a man in charge <3 plz don't close this thread though Lolleth I'll bribe u with cookies on mayhem, and glad to see you're still active
    "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

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