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    I know there are scrims, but when do people usually get on to play csgo?

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    Scrims no longer happen. Regarding your question, not too many people in the division play cs:go together anymore. A lot of people have moved on to other games and such, or the passion has died out. Personally, I don't feel that way and still play it quite often. Maybe people will come back when the pubg hype dies down.

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    I know that this might be a late response, but I've slowly started to get back into csgo. After the recent major, I feel a bit more invigorated to play. If you ever want to play some comp. perhaps we could work something out. Just know that I kinda suck right now because it's been awhile since the last time I got on, but if ur around the MG rank just shoot me an invite.

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    I'd be happy to play again if I had people to play with although i'm not sure when id find the time. If you see me on please feel free to ask, i'd be happy to play.

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