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    Oh hello there. I see you found this thread.
    Overview of the mighty Hot hand god!.
    Caution: prepare for loud noises.
    Some parts contain lag sadly ;-;.

    Boss Description
    The Crusader

    Slappy, our dear god!, end the reds!
    Rage is a crossbow with great powers!
    Heavy armor and strike swiftly with your bare hands!(Lightning and Stun)
    Death to alll
    This hale also has sound files, for most actions.
    Crossbow Stats: 80% reload speed, 20 clip size, Ignite on Fire (Cosmetic), 10% damage bonus, and gold on kill.
    Lightning: 120 based damage but can reach to 180 at max. Sometimes it instant kills as it's unstable. There's Nothing I can do but it's based on the plugins.
    Stun Stun players and sentries
    Taunt Stun? Yes, Only effects the ubered players. Forcing them medics to suffer, a tip here is to always keep jumping.
    Custom sounds? Ya there's sounds for the basic actions hale does. I'm not sure if there is a hale rage sound but it should be a noise.

    If you want the theme here it is, Best of DnB - Unreal Superhero

    Download uh right here.

    I fully made this boss with the help of friends.
    • Sirlolleth for tips and fixing most of the code
    • RiceDude for idk... The slappy? XD
    • Thundershocker1 for the theme
    • Kahniji for models. Yes i bolded it because I cannot model... (Thx)
    • ParaDLell for allowing a quick test and feedback
    • And then ze community that helped the quick test while Para did that event

    The boss is subject to change to fit the RXG ff2 server needs. Most likely this will be moved i guess?
    Need these plugins at least doe
    Dynamic Default Abilities
    (Above is old) Under is New.

    Meet my non-sane medic boss. No he is actually very sane and will do stuff.

    Mechanized Meemder

    This is his model in tpose position. He is blue thank you\
    • He will have an amputator that has hale damage that's stock.
    • Then he has a kritzkrieg that is quite dangerous!.
    • (I'll add in stats later)
    • He can overheal his minions up to 1090 at max. He has a projectle shield from Mvm too and can revive minions if he wants to.
    • His rage is uber and stun but that's really it.


    • Moves as fast as a normal scout (or faster)
    • 160 for stock damage.
    • When they are being healed they will do 100% the damage they normally do. Recommended for the medic to abuse this.
    • They slap themselves and fly. Thanks to Eternal reward stats
    • They spawn in with anti-spawncampers conditions. If you see them spawn, get outta there since they'll have 5 seconds of this.
    • They are hopefully spies and WILL backstab you. They can also disguise on backstab. You'll here a gold noise doe

    The hale can fly too. Amazing Dynamic jumps
    Awesome music and a very meme-like intro and victory.
    Download link is this :
    Required plugins

    • Dynamic Default
    • ​Shadow93's abilities
    • ​Ability management system, aka epic scout's plugin.

    Assistance by friends. (Not in order)
    Feedback and Ideas

    1. Para
    2. Dragonfist
    3. Dr. Evil
    4. Rxg | Pajamaday
    5. Rxg | Charly (for a opinion if reviving minions are a good idea)
    6. Jin
    7. Basically the RxG Community helped make this medic boss a true memer!.

    Names and suggestions

    1. Moist Cookie
    2. Ram_0s
    3. Chro
    4. Kahniji (for model help)
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    Nice work! The one thing that really strikes me is the fire rate on the crusaders Crossbow. For the amount of damage it does, the fire rate is very, very high. Also, we might need to do something about the slapping. With 2 slaps right after one another both at 195 damage, you're going to be tearing through crowds in spite of overheal. Otherwise, good stuff.

    Hey! Hey you! If you're working on a project, and you want help, message me! Don't be shy! I'm the guy to ask!

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    The fire rate is only high because of the reload speed, whenever I edited the reload speed the damage got higher. It's prob the more distance more damage value that hits hard. The Slappy i guess you can add an attack speed penalty? but I doubt it'll change anything, could add a small damage penalty also to balance it out. Any stats you wanna recommend will be helpful Dragon =).

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    A couple of things:
    1) The chain lightning is super strong. We're talking wipe out most of red team with a single R button cause it has no range and travels through walls without line of sight strong. I would suggest either editing the damage lower or limiting it to 2~3 people.
    2) For some reason after the second rage the hale becomes extremely vulnerable to damage from a sentry. So far we've been able to get a minisentry to do 20k damage in a couple of seconds when the engi is forced to taunt but the sentry wasn't stunned. Looking at the code I got no clue what would even be the cause of it.
    3) The crossbow is also really strong. You're looking at 10 shots that can kill most people really fast.

    Other than that its an interesting idea.

    The True and Best stats of a rabbit.

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    If you need any help with the character model appearing i can help out with that, and at the same time check for proper headboxes
    Just need them mdl files.

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    Hmm sure Kahniji, it would be a pleasure if you help fix the headbox and models. As the pyro looks stoopid with his knight hat and his mask. Do you need the .mdl files of the cosmetics or only the hale?

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    I just noticed you already have a download, so i guess just anything not up to date or not included in the rar that were to pretain to his model.

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    Hm everything should be in the download file

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    Okay ive gone through the files, and i already have several questions.
    Anyway ive added an hbox and fixed the model error already done buuuut, you are doing some weird stuff with the body groups here so no wonder there's so much clipping, ill try and fix it.
    Last edited by Kahniji; 02-28-2018 at 07:15 PM.

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    I used a pretty old guide to get the model of the hale to work then picked cosmetics that would fit it. I should've messed with the crusader suit before I picked it out.
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