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    1. Demand

    The amount of people who would play on Mayhem hasn?t actually decreased by much, if at all. After a sufficient population is built, (hasn?t happened much in recent times, around 8-16 people) Mayhem will receive an influx of new and old players. This was especially evident when item/casual servers went down during the Blue Moon update. Suddenly, a large population generated itself, and persisted throughout the blackout. The demand hasn?t decreased; if people are given the opportunity, many will still play Mayhem.

    1. Activation population

    You might ask, ?If people want to play mayhem, why won?t they do it??. This is because of something I like to call activation population. When players are browsing a server list, they are almost never going to connect to a random server with a low amount of people. On the flip side, if the server already has a healthy population, they are relatively likely to connect. This presents a barrier; unless the server reaches a critical point (probably around 6 people), the population cannot grow and will taper off over time.

    1. Sustaining a population

    For the rest of the document, I will use different words referring to Mayhem players. I?ve put them all into a table to make this somewhat readable
    Word Meaning Activation population (generally)
    RXG Random Player that is new to RXG; first few times playing High
    RXG Player Player that plays on Mayhem from time to time, average player Medium
    RXG Regular Player that plays on Mayhem consistently, or has played on mayhem enough to be instantly recognized Medium-low
    Community Member Player involved in some way with RXG (Not exclusively members, just refers to membership). Interlaps with a few other ranks, notably Regular and Player Medium-low/high
    Community Member+ Player usually involved with RXG that boosts player population. Almost always has an rxg tag. Strangely, if some players simply wear the tag people will tend to stick around longer. Medium-low
    RXG Carry Player that actively promotes server population through demeanor or challenge. Almost always uses mic Medium-low

    Sidenote: A healthy challenge is actually great for server life. It?s only when the difficulty is too high or the player angers others (usually through trolling) that causes disconnects

    Back on track?.

    1. Consistency

    The solution to RXG?s population loss (in my eyes) is simple. Simply take a small group of volunteers (Minimum 4 at a time, preferably higher on the list above) and populate mayhem. Every day. In the short term, some people will join, have fun, and leave. The thing is, x10 mayhem is a very entertaining game, and it will undoubtedly have at least a few players hooked in the first two weeks. As players move up the list, they begin playing more and more frequently, creating consistency and forming habits. Players that adopt habits will have a much lower activation population, and will help bring the server back onto its feet before peak time. When this happens, the average population will increase, attracting more players and creating self-perpetuating loop of increases in population. An initial consistent investment of players will eventually rebuild the mayhem population. Remember, people will play Mayhem if given the option, and the only real barrier is an initial lack of population. Additionally, a new influx of players will lead to a miniature boon of regulars, and possibly members; increasing Mayhem?s (and even RXG?s) long term survival. Saving RXG is as simple as gathering a small group of people to play daily and consistently.

    1. Problems

    The primary issue of this strategy is the volunteers themselves. Since people cannot be expected to always play, more than 4 people will need to be prepared to play. Motivation is also essential to the volunteers. They will be required to spend large amounts of time playing against the same few people for weeks. Most people aren?t committed enough to playing mayhem to attempt that. Hedonism (#Brain Damage) once said, ?I don?t know what?s worse, watching my favorite server die or playing against the same few people.? This could be a massive issue, especially if no results occur within the first few weeks. Volunteers would simply stop, and the server would continue its descent in popularity. The obvious solution would be to gather larger amounts of volunteers. The issue is, the number of people actually willing to do this will probably be slim, exemplifying the previous issue.
    I chose a minimum of 4 people because (I?m guessing) you can bypass the activation barrier. If you have a few people on Mayhem, a small surge will occur and taper off. With minimum 4, this surge should be able to carry the population above the activation limit. Of course, this is all hypothetical and may not work. In that event, we would need to gather more volunteers.

    1. Conclusion

    Mayhem isn?t finished. If this solution is implemented, Mayhem will recover from its current dying state. The gamemode is too entertaining for people to completely lose interest (in any reasonable amount of time). In my opinion, the drop occurring after Jungle Inferno was caused by an initial drop caused by people leaving the server and the loss of a few key RXG carries. This made people have less fun, causing them to play mayhem less; leading to an effect opposite of the one I?m trying to instill. If given the opportunity, people will join mayhem.

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    You have a resounding point when you talk about the volunteers getting bored and the need for a devoted group of volunteers. I feel like there's a problem with boredom reducing the numbers of regulars. I myself feel this more often than I would like to admit, and I only have ~1000 hours in tf2. I can only imagine what people with 2,3, even 5 thousand feel like. If you have any weapon combos that you think we should try out, please tell us. It'll go a long way to keep people on the server.

    One other thing that will keep people more engaged is more map variety. If you look at our gametracker stats, there are 4 maps that make up a significant amount of the uptime (upward, badwater, hightower, and powerhouse). I feel like we need to remove the minimum player 'lock' on the non-standard maps. That, and just a few new maps would go a long way to keep mayhem more interesting.

    Hey! Hey you! If you're working on a project, and you want help, message me! Don't be shy! I'm the guy to ask!

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