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    Here is a list of all of the commands all players can use on the Freak Fortress server.
    All of the commands can either be typed with a ! or / in chat or in console.

    ff2(hale): Brings up a menu allowing a player to easily view boss health, class info, and the ff2 changelog. Also allows the player to toggle music, monologues, and class info.

    ff2_hp(ff2hp, hale_hp, halehp): Displays hale's health.

    ff2_next(ff2next, hale_next, halenext): Shows the queue list.

    ff2_classinfo(ff2classinfo, hale_classinfo, haleclassinfo): Displays information about the class the player is using.

    ff2_new(ff2new, hale_new, halenew): Displays the changelog.

    ff2_music(ff2music, hale_music, halemusic): Toggles boss music.

    ff2_voice(ff2voice, hale_voice, halevoice): Toggles boss monologues at the beginning of rounds.

    ff2_resetpoints(ff2resetpoints, hale_resetpoints, haleresetpoints): Brings up a menu confirming if the player wishes to reset their points.

    Non ff2 specific commands:

    /amp: Must have '/' in front, allows player to select second building.

    /amp_help: Displays information about the amplifier.

    nextmap: Displays the next map if there is one.

    nominate: Allows the player to bring a map of their choice to the map vote.

    rtv: Votes to change the map early.
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    To reset queue points with a single button press: bind key "ff2resetpoints; menuselect 1"

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    Huh, if I had've remembered that command I could've made my quick bind to reset hale queue shorter. Used 3 commands instead of 2, lol.

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