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    I am getting real upset over how I'm dying too often to a random crit. Literally almost every round the hale hits me it is a crit. I hope this can be fixed in the future because it is getting on my nerves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thundershocker1 View Post
    I am getting real upset over how I'm dying too often to a random crit. Literally almost every round the hale hits me it is a crit. I hope this can be fixed in the future because it is getting on my nerves.
    Thing is, a good portion of the loadouts in Freak is often countered directly by the hale being able to random crit. Tank Heavy, Shovel Soldier, loadouts that usually heal or make the class tankier.

    The chances of a random crit usually depends on how much damage you deal, plus melee weapons have a higher base chance to random crit than primary or secondary weapons. 15% to start and it ramps up with damage dealt up to 60% chance.

    Being honest, it sucks dying to a random crit, it happens to me all the time.
    But to remove random crits on hales would probably need alot of changes to push it through

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    Hmm and most hales so around 200ish damage so it's pretty quick to get crits as hale alot

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    Honestly, because of random crits strategies that involve NOT getting hit (rocket jumping soldier, BFB Scout, any high-jump weapon, Flaregun Airblast Pyro, sticky demo, etc.) are much more powerful than any strategy involved trying to face the Hale head on (Tank Minigun Heavy, Any Melee Knight, Basically any and all Heavies besides maybe a niche Shotgun Heavy using Stock Fists, Ubersaw Medic, Anything without Mobility, did I mention Heavy?) without the use of an Uber to prevent taking damage entirely. This is why you see so many Soldiers and Demos jumping around: It's just more rewarding to deal damage overtime and be too fast for the Hale to catch than to try and face the Hale head-on in hopes of dealing more damage in a much shorter amount of time. We could either change random crits, or change some weapons to allow for some lower-end classes to be able to survive. I would say make one of the Medigun Ubers give Crit Resistance, but that would essentially be just as good as Stock Uber minus the crits, letting a Heavy actually wreak too much havoc and take half of the Hale's HP while the Hale runs around him in circles hoping to catch that elusive Medic and end him.

    All in all, crits are very, VERY difficult to balance around. They make the game not so fun to play for those brave enough to not run away, only to get an instant first blood random crit straight to the face. Taking them away would supposedly make it easier to balance, but would also require an entire rework of just about everything in the game right now, or else you would see Minigun Tank Heavies ruin the Hale.

    Perhaps if Random Crits only increased in chance to a single target based on the damage dealt to that target alone? It seems very difficult to program as far as I can tell, but it would give riskier in-your-face builds a chance to shine with a longer lifespan while increasing their risk of crits with every hit the Hale does to them, meaning that even if they run and try to fight later the previous hits will still take effect, raising the crit chance to what is essentially 100%. If the in-your-face player even lasts that long for it to get to 100%.

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    Heavy can literally keep 90% of the hales away with good gameplay. If you force a hale to rage to kill you, you did good. The problem with your logic is that you expect the hale to just let you live when you're most likely the highest damage output. The crits are to counter loadouts that would make high damage/health invincible. Not to mention it's not a comp server, there are many other freak servers if you want that.
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    I do agree with Cheech since many loadouts in rxg's ff2 are hard to kill normally without crits. Exhibit A: Half-Zatoichi (Soldier or Demo), sure no heals from people or hp kits but like one hit from their sword and they are back at full hp and it keeps repeating until a crit comes and ruins that person's day. Sure I surely hate the crit system but like it since it helps me clear them tanky people. While we do talk about crits, knockback is surely another big problem that I see but like Cheech said there is many other ff2 servers out there.

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