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    Just a heads up the one about Crusader was let's say a test run of my first boss. Also I couldn't really do much to change him so I decided to make a new thread and use this as my real forum to post my hales. I could use Alliedmodded to put my bosses up but y'know exclusive hales to RxG since that's really what's been happening recently. Good hales are on other servers but they aren't made public normally. When i do choose i'll post them to Alliedmodded but right now it's exclusive.

    Joker Scout
    Where i got his idea? well from StBlackSt's Saturday's Troubles
    His main weapon will be a Wrap Assassin with the normal 200% dmg increase, 25% increase in swing speed, and alt fire is disabled. An nearby Advisor will come at their best convenience to assist you in any matters regarding his weapon.
    Using AMS (Ability Management System) He has four rages and an ultimate rage. Using R to cast while using m3 to switch rages.
    1: The general spook/stun that many hales use. Players are stunned in a 1000hu's while sentries are stunned in 2000hu's. Players are stunned for 4.5 seconds while sentries are 5. 45 rage with 15 seconds of cooldown.
    2:A summon named Funny Gift(s). It spawns two minions at a time and they spawn directly atop of hale. When they first spawn they will receive a 5 second crit boost along with a 4 second uber boost. They have 700 hp but are limited on ammo, It's like a grenade launcher with loose cannon projectiles yet 70% increase in damage but cannot donk people. 10 second cooldown but only 10 at once can be spawned. Ya I know the people who hide in areas where they can simply spam minions.
    3: Meteor spell but otherwise known to the hale as Inferno. 40 second cooldown with 65 rage cost, 300 dmg per tick but y'know it's valve's stock meteor spell.
    4:Knife game anyone? Hey you yes you hold this for me. This rage has 20 second cooldown but for 70 rage yet it comes with twelve knives but you only have twelve seconds to use it. The damage is a small 180-190 scale.
    Ultimate: A very inaccurate yet powerful Minigun (To simulate his minigun magic spell)
    50% Dmg Increase, 80% firing speed, 350 spread penatly(Inaccurate yet powerful), 70% bullet per shot
    Since this has so many bullets shooting at the same time, Random crits are going to be real but fear not!
    No crit Boost, No Random Crits, Crits become minicrits. These make it impossible to crit with it.
    To end it off, the music is Final Fantasy XV - Up for a challenge.
    Plugin Requirements: (Shadow93) Koishi's Abilities, M7's Abilities, Dynamic Defaults, witchdoctor's plugin and Epic Scout's plugin.

    1. RxG | Dragonfist for assistance of the hale's powers.(Honestly your going to be on every hale credit)
    2. RxG | Ricedude for telling me that I can post this to discord for the Upper staff members to see.
    3. RxG | Sirlolleth for clarification on plugin usage.
    4. RxG | ParaDlell for inspiration on the AMS system like how predator uses his switch for cloak.
    5. Crimms [dBs] for telling me that his sounds are loud, I honestly put my sound super low.
    6. ★ Nebula ★ for being a tester.
    7. The infamous trio of hale makers, I got in contact with one of them about plugin usage too xD (M7)
    8. Uhh if i forgot anyone else because I have bad memory, contact me at your convenience that you help'd me test my hale.

    Oh whats this? The gentlemen of french has returned but as a duo! Welcome back to us Gentlespy and his inverse self Politespy.
    Gentlespy learned some new tricks on his way here.

    • He will now uber and become cloaked for 6 seconds and will still keep his gun. No more teleports.
    • He can now teleport to his ally (Polite spy) or any allies Politespy obtains.
    • If polite spy is well dead, Gentlespy can use his new cloak-skills to teleport to people using reload.
    • He will have a vary of knives to use to torture his victims.

    Politespy learned new tricks too.

    • Polite spy ain't superhuman but he is very very tough, trust me he survived cbs's rampage.
    • Using his jump, gentlespy can teleport to him to help him.
    • Sandwich, made with good old french bread and if used it will give him a random vacc buff.
    • Since politespy is well very polite, he can switch his foes to his allies and teleport to someone random.
    • When politespy is ready, he will unleash his skilled unarmed combat and gain immunity to knockback and start fisting people. He will politely end you with a proper karate stab.
    • Since he is very tough he will have two lives.

    If you wish to download this duo, use this link here or contact me on discord.
    Requirements are ff2_dymanic_defaults, ff2_sarysapub3, shadow93_abilities, ff2_otokiru ( , improved_saxton, M7_abilities, and ff2_tfcond
    ★ Nebula ★
    Crimms [dBs]
    The people who made gentlespy and politespy's origins

    Demopan Duo yelling in the background, they have removed their taped and superglue shields back at home. This allows them to now properly weighdown! YIPPIE! Demopan Gold well you can finally see his wonderful $2000 reward of a pan, both can properly weighdown and hopefully not get stuck in that dread awful targe spam glitch. Adding multicharge attribute makes demopan a car literally.
    Nebula, Huzz for testing
    Para and the very struggling demopan duo idea.
    Community for feedback on that dread awful issue without weighdown >:C
    PS: Ya'll still gotta redownload him, from what i can see it's 50 seconds for someone with slow download speeds

    Soldine, one and only cyborg soldier that can beat the living hell out of red. Let the mayhem begin with new arsenal!

    • Can stun
    • Rocket launchers all have a special property.
    • Only four, 25% chance for each rocket launcher.
    • 4500 rage damage needed.
    • 600 Hammer units of stun range.

    The Stats?

    • Full damage from whatever range. Less explosion radius.
    • 35% projectile speed boost.
    • Homes onto their target and will not attempt to home back to target once lost.
    • 4 shots.

    Split Volley:

    • Shoots two rockets that will also home.
    • 50% less explosion radius, Projectile speed is also increased slightly.
    • Same damage as Heatseeker but if two hits you, well your most likely out!
    • 3 shots.

    Drunk Missles

    • Quad Volley.
    • 45% beggars aim.
    • Full damage from whatever range.
    • Two shots.

    Atomic Nuke

    • One clip.
    • Explosion in a X seven times.
    • Don't get caught or you'll suffer minicrits AND bleeding.
    • Alotta dmg.

    Side Notes: Soldine and Bionic Commado shares the same lines for whatever reason, just named differently. Also from what i can see, this was a pre-blitzkrieg attempt by Shadow93 but it ended up being a little eh?
    Plugins Requirements: Dymanic Defaults, ROTT"S Tribute (

    Alpha Aquatrooper program is activated, welcome aboard on the new squad.
    This aquatrooper appears as a medic with stormtrooper cosmetics that matches both teams. But this coat is still blue so whatever!.

    • Aquatrooper has the power to command water at his will. Allowing him to summon a water effect to everyone on the map.
    • Allowing him to use his ultimate power, a torpedo drill motion that shreds anything in his path, (besides stock uber).
    • He also gets his trustworthy stormtrooper pistol! and he summons more of his people with a much weaker pistol. He will also rarely spawn shotgun troopers that well they hurt alright? We have classified information over here.
    • Due to his water powers, his super jump is much weaker than any other hale on the rxg ff2 server.
    • On average, from afar the minions will only do 28 dmg but upclose they hurt because that's how pistol/tf2 logic works.
    • His rage has three torpedo's but comment below if it should be changed, 250 for all targets that ends up in his path but as any torpedo, it CANNOT move any direction besides one way during it.
    • This is probs the only updated information a spy can tell, oh well! besides this creepy mask looking at me.... Looks like something straight outta nightmares...

    More will come soon. Also please read the popup notification that pops up whenever you become hale, it's helpful.
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