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    Hey folks, if you guys remember about 6 months or so ago I hosted a Factorio server for us to play on. It was all done through Discord and I never posted about it here. We ran through a few good maps and mod lists, but life ended up getting the better of me in the end. Between the laggy map, lack of time, and a new Rev being needed I shut it down.

    However, now that I've got a bit more time on my hands I'll be hosting the server again. I've already begun work on gathering mods and hope to start testing map generation sometime in the next week.

    I'm curious how many people would be interested in joining. I will most likely be doing a similar mod list to our last one, but with a reduction in biters, more Bob's mods, and some other cool ones. Maybe Angel's mods too, not sure yet.

    Who's up for some more death by trains?

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    Remove biters and I'll think about it

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