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    Hey guys. I really missed how the Saxton hale servers used to be so full, but now it?s a barren server that everyone has forgotten about. Yesterday, I encountered someone who was on the server and played a few rounds with them. It was fun, but it didn?t feel the same. While playing one round I noticed someone else had joined the server, and then another, and another. Soon enough we had 10 people on the server, but then it grew even further and peaked at around 16 people. I was glad that so many people joined. I guess people didn?t forget an old classic, which is why I want to bring the server back to life, but I need ideas on how we can keep it alive. Let?s bring back the good ?Ol days.

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    You can't bring back the dead.

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    well, if we can actually get some people besides the old regulars (me, yellowshade, louis, dooby, charly, etc.), I'd be back on for it. Better yet, if we can fill the server, 10x really shines. I came for pure, fast paced chaos, and that's only when it happens.

    Hey! Hey you! If you're working on a project, and you want help, message me! Don't be shy! I'm the guy to ask!

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    Full pop mayhem was actually pretty bad, especially on payload. Engie spam with the 600 health sentry's created stalemates that could last for a while, which is why king of the hill maps were the best maps on the server for actually creating mayhem. The team stacking that was rampant also ruined the game a little by creating imbalanced teams on high pop. They actually did fix it a little by making you automatically join a team on round start, but there were still a couple of nerds who did it religiously. Checkmate liberal.

    Also I would appreciate it if you would respect the dead. Kicking corpses to see it they twitch is not respectable.

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    When you nerf engineer but nobody is around to see it, was he actually nerfed?

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