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    Is there mechanism for scrambling teams during round? If there isn't one, can we ask to implement it via !votecramble-type command or some regular automatic check?
    The situations is as follows: "infinite" rounds on maps like blackmesa sometimes go in uneven teams (12 vs 8) for quite a while causing loss of fun and raeg.
    maybe this is bs and not a problem at all.
    Anyways, thank you guys for service, great to play, great to donaet.

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    I was about to say that we have an auto-scramble plugin, but I understand you're talking about scrambling during rounds and not the auto-scramble at the end of round that the plugin initiates, I can see why that would be an issue on mayhem as you pointed out. Maybe leadership (roker) will add the option to the server :P

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    I definitely agree that evening the teams sometimes is something that should happen, and the usuals can often spot unbalanced teams before the round starts. Could we also add the !votealltalk while you are at it? I know some people dont like that, but those people arent always on and if people vote to have it on, why not? It is nice to work as a team at times, it is team fortress after all .
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    Could !voteban also be added? Or some way to call an admin? There is a hacker by the name of "Walking Level 3 Sentry" that sometimes joins the x10 server, and he ruins the fun for everybody. Many people tried calling for an admin or trying to voteban him, but there isn't a feature anywhere.

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    I think many of these !vote's are available just disabled. :(

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