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    Would Freak be able to get the same plugin that's on Mayhem where the map voting starts at 4,5,6? With the choices being 1,2,3 and so on I've had people complain that the first choice always gets picked because of it being #1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirLolleth View Post
    Anyone else think that the skullcutter needs to be toned down? This is purely anecdotal, but every time I seem to use it, it just dominated the hales. Just for instance this morning, I was consistently doing ~11k damage by myself when the hales only have about 20k health with about 7 players on. 1950 with that swing speed with 475 health plus the shield hit (for now) means that a hale can take 4 hits to kill a single skullcutter, and when there's more it just starts to get ridiculous unless the hale has an aoe rage like xyro or skeleton king.
    Putting to consideration the fact that I am able to give Seeman full rage with 2 hits from the skullcutter, I agree with you.

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    Can you make it so we can equip weapon skins? like weapon unusuals or that wont work?

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    Is there a way we can tone down bonk boy? I don't see a reason for him having average health, slightly faster than normal hale speed, a good rage with pseudo area of effect with an uber (and 100% knockback resistance) AND an insane 473 damage on a non crit. He's been like this for a while, but I think that the damage is just too much. Also just worth noting that since he is a scout, his hitboxes are a lot harder to hit than, say, Saxton or Gaben. The only hales that do more damage than him are Nightmare medic (who has a great rage but no stun or uber), zerstorer (who's plugin is broken so the damage is just compensation for slower swing speed I believe), nightmare sniper (who has extremely low health) and undead sanic (who, even though he is much faster, still has a really low amount of health and no rage​).
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    If he does get nerfed, it shouldn't be by draining his hp pool because Bonk functions very poorly when he has little health, which is why he got his health pool buffed originally.

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    All he needs is a damage nerf. Reducing it to 195 would be more than enough.
    In the end, the Duck Hunt Dog always gets the last laugh... whether or not you shot the damn duck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Cheech View Post
    All he needs is a damage nerf. Reducing it to 195 would be more than enough.
    Yeah, I agree that a simple reduction in damage would make him much more balanced.

    Also, I can't remember if I've asked this before but what does everyone think about predator? As it is, the player relies on getting good rages, as his rage (albeit short range) is lock on and does a huge 350 per shot, even ignoring any melee or ranged resistance. Whenever I play against predator, it is always just a game of "let's see how much damage I can do before he gets his rage" and I would rather his identity be more with maybe sneaking around similar to snek, rather than just run in, take damage and rage as much as possible.

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    I've been talking to a lot of people about predator. I think we should give him more cloak duration and increase his rage threshold so players are rewarded for good play and not spamming E. Also want to make Saxton Hale's lunge and slam cost 25 rage instead of 10 because it's just too much.
    In the end, the Duck Hunt Dog always gets the last laugh... whether or not you shot the damn duck.

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    1. Can we change Solid Snek's name to Solid Snake? I mean, I'm all for jokes/memes, but this one is getting on my nerves for some reason. Besides, we already have plenty of memes on this server.
    2. I think a better solution for changing Saxton's rage cost would be to increase it to 20% rage rather than 25%, or give the slam a longer cooldown. The only time when I have problems with it is when people spam it constantly and kill all the weaker classes.
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    Dragon, it currently costs 10, I want to increase that because it's a lot of strong moves that are super spammable/crutchy. He is worse than Xyro in terms of spammability.

    Also, the reason Solid Snake is Solid Snek is because Mini said the same thing about too many memes so fancy changed it to mess with you OCD people. It's a name that is barely shown on the screen for longer than 3 seconds.
    In the end, the Duck Hunt Dog always gets the last laugh... whether or not you shot the damn duck.

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