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    Hello to everyone, this post is writed with the objective to improve the server and add more variety to it, because the new things attract more people and bring more fun to the people who is frequent there.
    A couple of weeks ago I notice that only we have 18-19 bosses and It's a good number but the players want a little more of diversity and for that I write about some bosses that could be added (at least by my opinion)

    Daftpunk Duo
    daftpunk and daftpunk_sk1.jpg
    Class: Spy (both)
    Weapon: Your Eternal Reward (Gold) / Knife (Silver)
    Charge Ability: Teleportation (both)
    Rage (both):
    Gains 3 Teleportation skills (Press RELOAD to use it)
    Players start to do the Thriller dance (1 time)

    Are depending on the following subplugins:[Subplugin]

    Download it here:
    Fast Download files:

    The administrator:
    Class: Spy
    HP: Low (~74%)
    Superjump: None
    Charge: Persuasion
    Rage: Coercion
    Origin: Team Fortress 2
    Model: Dafini
    Persuasion allows her to summon up to 5 dead players to her side once every 90 seconds. This replaces her super-jump.
    Coercion gives her a 4-round Diamondback - while it won't instant-kill like Gentlespy's revolver, it can headshot perfectly and deals extra damage, especially against buildings.
    In addition, Administrator will teleport to a random player, as a safety measure in case she falls to a deep pit (eg. Nucleus, Lumberyard).
    Music: Longhena Cantata (DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu)


    Download it here:
    Fast Download files:

    Billy the doll:
    Class: Scout
    Weapon: Three rune blade
    Super jump: alt+fire, look up and stand up
    Weigh-down: in midair, look down and crouch
    Rage (stun): taunt when the rage meter is full
    3 lives- 2 slow motion attacks! Look at enemy and press fire button.

    Ass pancakes:
    Class: Scout
    Weapon: Necro Smasher
    Charge Ability: Super Jump
    Stuns player for 3 seconds
    Gains Ubercharge for 10 seconds

    Is depending on the following subplugins:

    Download it here:
    Fast Download files:

    I can't find the pack of a lot of bosses but I hope find it soon. This post is open to everyone's opinion. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

    I won't be the victim, but the first to cast a stone ♥

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    I agree, some more variety in the freak server would be amazing. I'd love to see some more bosses.

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    I do agree on a larger variety so long as they all keep a unique concept, we already have a few spy bosses and ass pancakes is a re-skin of bonk boy "I think?"

    However i might look up a few more to assist in adding onto the list ^^

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    We denied the Daft Punk duo because they are just too overpowered. Ass pancakes is the same as the Vagineer and Painis Cupcake. I can see ways to abuse certain abilities the Administrator has. And Billy the doll looks like a Ninja Spy reskin. If the Daft Punk duo could be modified, it would work.
    In the end, the Duck Hunt Dog always gets the last laugh... whether or not you shot the damn duck.

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    We can go into the cfg and tone the duo down a bit. We could compensate by lowering health, lives, and so on.

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