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    This is a suggestion thread, Some bosses i have done reseach into for the past week and i think they would fit perfectly into the server/

    I can easly tweek these hales if you think they need an aspect removed or "Nerfed". (Although you probably already know how to do this but if thats what it takes ill be willing to devote time into that.)

    If the bosses require a certian plugin to work properly i have also linked it below the boss.

    First suggestion! GANGPLANK - THE PIRATE.
    This boss is a very unique hale, for one hes a pirate! His rage is simply the same as vagineers / panis cupcake.
    He has the ability "Brave jump" Etc same as shown above.

    Second suggestion.

    Skeleton Sniper
    Class sniper
    Weapon: The Bat Outta Hell
    2 lives
    Abilities: Rage; Super Jump; Weighdown
    Raging stuns nearby players and sentries and covers the RED team in Jarate.
    Losing the first life gives the boss uber and makes him go into slow-mo for a few seconds.

    Third boss:

    Name: Agent Smith
    Origin: The Matrix
    Weapon: Kuni
    Charge ability: Summon clones.
    Rage: 8 shot pistol + BeepMan's "fake lag (or scramble)" rage + sentry stun.


    MORE TO COME just some of the ones i thought were cool, Im looking into duo bosses and will be posting them shortly

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    You two are amazing <3

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    Fancy, where are you?

    and then you die

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    I want to avoid putting on bosses that just have a different skin with the same generic rages. I'd like to only add bosses to the server that have a unique rage and theme going for them.

    The bosses also will have to be balanced in the context of the server as a whole, and this just prolongs them being added. Not to mention some of the bosses are just horribly made and way too OP, even for mayhem.

    I'll take a look at these, Chozo in particular looks good.

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    Fancy with that info i can take about an hour and look threw this list here

    Its almost every good boss ever made for ff2/ vsh

    Found some more cool bosses...

    Karl Ruprecht Kroenen (KRK)

    Normal Lugermorph on rage + short distance stun

    bz2 included


    Freddy Krueger


    ( He is a very unique hale, his model is good aswell )


    Phoenix Wright

    original boss :

    skin :


    Very unique, very balanced (lol) very fun TRIO BOSS

    Coach,Ellis,Nick Trio

    Download Link :

    Mario and Luigi Duo:

    Not much i could find for screen shots, but malo modo used to by my partner in crime when we were in ACG and he can make good things happen

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    Agent smith would be cool af. And the clones could be random dead players with only around 10 health.
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    And each successful backstab spawns in a clone maybe? Then his rage could be a bonk sort of effect to represent bullet dodging?

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