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    Those of you that have attended both, or one of the last two scrims nights know that the auto sniper has been put into play quite a bit. Now this thread isn't a debate on whether or not we should or shouldn't allow the auto sniper, it is just a reminder to not overdo it.

    Scrims are supposed to be a friendly and fun thing for all ten people participating, and if someone is buying an auto sniper for the sole purpose to get under someone's skin, then it defeats the purpose of scrimming. Also, if you're buying an auto and your team is winning by a significant margin, it would also not be fun for the opposing players.

    They're many other examples of when you shouldn't buy an auto sniper, but that's not the point. Just please keep in mind of how demoralizing it can be to others if you whip out an auto, we don't want people to start leaving mid game because others can't, or don't know how or when to limit themselves.

    So the bottom line is, please just limit the auto sniper usage.

    CSGO Captain

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    who are you Mini's Avatar

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    auto sniper is gross anyways

    you terrible people

    "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."
    Ambrose Redmoon

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    lol autonoobs
    use an AWP you potatos

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    negev it is.

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    I didn't do it I swear!

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    It's all your fault Xallo


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    The auto-sniper is a fair weapon that is clearly only outdone by the guy who drops infront of the auto-sniper scrub and Zeus's him in the face.
    In the end, the Duck Hunt Dog always gets the last laugh... whether or not you shot the damn duck.

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    It's not your fault Xauto... I mean Xallo!

    btw Indy's cat has a big butt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monsoon View Post
    It's not your fault Xauto... I mean Xallo!

    btw Indy's cat has a big butt
    You bet your booty it does, Monsoon

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